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We make ideas flow.
We make ideas flow.

    This type is not available anymore since 31/03/2016.

    Please contact us regarding a successor product

    Type 5281 - servo-assisted 2/2 way diaphragm valve

    Produkt-Foto Typ 5281

    The depiction of the products may differ from the actual specific design.

    • Produkt-Foto Typ 5281
    • Produkt-Foto Typ 5281
    • Ersatzteil-Zeichnung Bürkert
    • Ersatzteil-Zeichnung Bürkert
    • Ersatzteil-Zeichnung Bürkert

    Type Description

    The servo-assisted solenoid valve Type 5281EEx with servo-diaphragm can be used in accordance with its protection type for the shutting off, dosing and filling of gaseous and liquid media in environments where there is a danger of explosion.

    • Push-over solenoid system
    • Closing damped system, max. DN 50
    • Circuit function NC or NO
    • Brass body or grey cast iron

    For selecting the correct product please refer to the technical data, images and notes for proper use according to the data sheet.

    Applications & Tools

    CAD Model

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    Data Sheets

    Language / Country
    DTS 2/2 Way Solenoid w/ servo DV 421.6 kB EN / US
    DTS 2/2 way Ex Solenoid Valve 216.8 kB EN / EU
    DTS Solenoid Valve, NC 256.8 kB EN / EU
    DTS Solenoid valve EEx 195 kB EN / EU
    DTS 2/2-Wege Ex Magnetventil 239.7 kB DE / DE
    DTS Electrovanne, NF 489.5 kB FR / FR
    DTS Electrovanne, NF, EEx ed 95.1 kB FR / FR
    DTS Magnetventil, EEx-Ausführung 160.7 kB DE / DE
    DTS Magnetventil, NC 258.5 kB DE / DE
    DTS Válvula Solenóide 2/2-vias 657.1 kB PT / BR

    User Manuals

    Language / Country
    MAN ATEX - Approval 1.5 MB EN,FR,DE / EU
    MAN Additional Information Ex 131.9 kB EN,FR,DE / EU
    MAN Approval EX AC10 1.7 MB EN / EU
    MAN Operating Instructions 856.5 kB EN,FR,DE / EU
    MAN Operating Instructions 811.8 kB EN,FR,DE,ES / EU
    MAN UL-Version 468.5 kB EN / EU
    MAN Certification EX AC10 1.8 MB FR / FR
    MAN Zulassung EX AC10 1.7 MB DE / DE

    EU Declaration

    Language / Country
    ABD EU-DoC|EU Declaration 3.1 MB EN,FR,DE