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Return shipment

It is our priority to ensure our customers are happy with our product and services. We recognise that, on the rare occasion, you may need to return a product to us, below is the full Aftersales policy covering what you need to know.

Aftersales Policy


The purpose of this policy document is to outline the process for the return of a product and ensure returns are dealt with effectively and efficiently.

Product Returns Policy

As a company that values the business and support of its customer network, Burkert UK Ltd

provides the opportunity to return product(s) and will accept responsibility only if:

a. A fault has occurred due to the manufacture of the product.

b. The product has been damaged during (Burkert carrier) transit.

c. The product is within the warranty period offered by Burkert.

Burkert UK will comply with the Returns Process described below where the item has originated from our supply route.

All eShop transactions are primarily deemed as Business to Business (B2B) e-commerce that encompasses all electronic transactions of goods or services conducted between companies to reflect our standard
Terms and Conditions

Returns Process

To initiate a return the customer is required to login or register an account to create a service report on
our website within My Burkert/My Services/Return Shipment section.

If the return is accepted, the system will issue a returns material form (A declaration of decontamination) a returns material authorisation number (RMA) and label for shipping to Burkert UK.

Where it is not possible to raise the request on the customer portal the customer can email or phone +44 1285 64 87 42.

The declaration of decontamination must be completed and attached to the outside of the packaging of the item to be returned. Burkert does not arrange the collection.

1.  Faulty Product Return

Where Burkert accepts the product as faulty within its warranty period we will offer a repair. In the situation where the part cannot be repaired we will offer a replacement or a credit.

Following investigation: Where no fault is found or the fault is due to the product not being used within specification a minimum fee of £90.50 / €105.00 will be charged. This fee can vary depending on the engineering time spent on the investigations. In the event that the product/s need to be returned to our overseas facility, investigation fees may vary.

Where a product is returned as faulty and is no longer covered by warranty, charges for repair will be quoted after the initial evaluation of the product and will start at £225.27 / €265.00.

Burkert bears no responsibility for any damage caused through investigation of claims where assembled parts are worn, faulty or beyond economical repair, reassembly is not always possible.

2.  Damaged Product Return

The customer must notify Burkert of any damages within seven days of delivery and provide photographic evidence of the damage.

2.1 Product

In the event that a product needs to be returned to Burkert an RMA will be issued. A decontamination form must to be completed and attached to the outside of the packaging of the returned product.

Where Burkert accepts the product as damaged, a replacement or credit is offered.

2.2 Packaging

Where packaging is damaged the customer should check for damage to all product(s) within and follow instruction in section 2.1.

If the above is not adhered to then the goods will not be accepted back at any later date under any section of our policy.

3.  Goodwill Returns

To return an item to Burkert UK it must meet the following criteria:

  • The part is unused and undamaged.
  • The part is in the original packaging with manuals.
  • The item is still within the Burkert warranty period.

As the majority of Burkert products are made to order they cannot always be returned. The decision is based on the value, the age, condition and if the product is able to be restocked within our production facilities. If the part is able to be returned, the minimum handling charge will be 20% of the invoiced value and can vary depending on the before mentioned criteria. All associated transport costs will be deducted from the credit offered. Notification of non-acceptance of the return will be sent to the customer within 5 working days.

4.  Service

Where a product requires service, calibration or a repair outside of warranty. A quotation will be provided

upon request.

5.  Delivery shortages

Any defect in the delivered quantity, quality or condition of the goods must be reported to Burkert by

email or telephone +44 1285 64 87 20 within 7 days from the date of delivery or
(where the defect was not apparent on initial inspection) within a reasonable time after discovery, and in any event within 6 months of the date of delivery.

The customer will be asked to provide photographic evidence of the product received, including labelling on the packaging and consignment labels.

6.  Contact Details

Burkert UK Service Department. Tel Number: +44 1285 64 87 42. Email:

7.  Health and Safety

All pallet returns must not exceed 1 metre high and all products must be within the footprint of the pallet and be secured by either shrink-wrap or suitable fixing methods.

The required health and safety information on the returns form must be filled in and must be displayed on the outside of the packaging when returned to Burkert UK.