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Solenoid valves with energy-saving kick and drop coil

Durable, silent and energy-saving: how the Kick and Drop coil not only allows you to save money, it allows you to protect the environment as well.

Media such as fluids or gases must be shut off, released, dosed, distributed or mixed. These tasks are among the tasks undertaken by solenoid valves. This means that they are subject to countless requirements in a wide range of different application environments. The challenge for the future lies in a sustainable and energy-saving solenoid valve solution.

Controlling media with energy-saving solenoid valves

Valves with electromagnetic coil systems are widespread in order to automatically control gaseous and liquid media. Their energy efficiency, lower noise emissions and associated long maintenance intervals are becoming more and more important today. Coil systems with Kick and Drop electronics assemblies rely on improved valve performance, energy saving and new milestones with regards to their efficiency.

The solenoid valves with the new Kick and Drop technology are 35% smaller than conventional valves, but just as efficient. Moreover, Kick and Drop prevents environmental impact from occurring, as they work silently and do not cause any unpleasant mains humming or whistling.


Energy savings of up to 80% thanks to dual coil technology


Extended service life and reduced calcification due to lower self-heating


Up to 200% more activation power thanks to temporarily increased energy input on the coil (overexcitation)

What lies behind the Kick and Drop electronics assembly?

The Kick and Drop coil is a coil with double winding. It consists of an inrush winding and holding winding. In a Kick and Drop electronics assembly, the coil is excited by a high electric impulse. This generates the required inrush power, which the valve needs in order to open. After approx. 500 milliseconds, the Kick and Drop electronics assembly switches to an energy-saving holding power. This then drastically reduces power consumption. The coil is therefore particularly suitable for valves that are open for long periods while in use, such as valves for protecting gas or tap water.

Rectifier and switching electronics
Inrush winding
Inrush winding and holding winding

A: The overexcited inrush winding generates a very high starting power over approx. 500 ms

B: The holding winding is connected in series to the inrush winding after 500 ms and reduces the current, and thus the energy demand

Diverse application areas

The areas of use for the Kick and Drop coil are very diverse, and they are used particularly frequently in the installation and heating sector. The Kick and Drop coil can be used anywhere where the following conditions need to be met:

  • Energy should be saved 
  • Water that contains a particular amount of lime must be controlled
  • In buildings where faults must be excluded by electromagnetic fields
  • Anywhere where fluids and gases to be controlled must not be heated to over 55 °C
  • Anywhere where continuously active solenoid valves, such as gas or tap water safety valves, are operated in buildings
  • Anywhere where particularly battery-buffered drainage systems are used, to guarantee a longer, safer operating time

Up to

80 %

Energy savings thanks to dual coil technology

Up to

45 K

Less self-heating, resulting in extended service life and reduced calcification

Up to

200 %

More activation power thanks to temporarily increased energy input on the coil (overexcitation)

Every added value has a benefit for you

More advantages that you can enjoy when using solenoid valves with Kick and Drop technology:

Kick and Drop - Energy savings calculator

Calculate your personal energy and CO2 savings and see how you benefit from the new Kick and Drop technology.

Click here for the savings

Example calculation

  • Tap water protection

    Valve ¾“ to 1" direct-acting or coupled (required opening power approx. 17 - 28 W) duration 240 days at 12 hours with 100 % duty cycle at 2880 hours per year.

    Power difference: the AC19 Kick and Drop consumes approx. 9 - 20 W less compared to a standard coil. This is equivalent to 15 W on average.

    15 W x 2880 h = 43.2 kWh | Electricity price * 0.30 ct/kWh = €12.96/year - surcharge for purchase approx. 36 € (net): Payback of additional costs after approx. 2.8 years

Which solenoid valve with Kick and Drop technology suits your application?

Find the right solenoid valve for your application and get started now to save energy.