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Reliable standard components for emergency ventilation system

Simple and uncomplicated help during the pandemic - cooperation with trimatec

Benefit from flexible and trusting cooperation:

  • Short implementation times: Thanks to quickly available sample parts, the endurance tests with the prototype of the ventilation device can start after only a few days.
  • Reduced maintenance effort: Thanks to industrial components and the absence of special parts, simple maintenance and unproblematic spare parts supply are guaranteed.
  • High precision: The thermal MEMS sensors used in the MFMs provide high measurement and repeatability accuracy.
  • Certified components: The fluidic components are biocompatible and come in an oxygen version.
trimatec - Beatmungsgerät und Unternehmer

When the Covid-19 pandemic started in March 2020, it quickly became clear that more ventilation devices were needed. This was not the only important aspect as they also needed to be as robust as possible and easy to maintain, because – especially when used worldwide – it is not possible for highly qualified maintenance staff to be available on site everywhere.

Ingolstadt-based company trimatec reacted to this with an innovative solution: a robust mobile ventilation device for use in intensive care, wholly made from highly available industrial components, without compromising on functionality. The innovative device is suitable for treating critically ill patients during all phases of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

“For the fluidics installed in our ventilation device, we found the right partner in Bürkert Fluid Control Systems, who supported us pragmatically, without much bureaucracy and very competently.”

Lothar Schmidmayr und Richard Martin, Managing Directors at trimatec

 A ventilation device for every situation

The LifesafAIR ventilation device developed by trimatec may look different from the conventional systems used in intensive care units, but it is by no means a serious alternative only for emergencies. It was developed in record time in March 2020 together with different specialists in medicine, medical technology, software development and quality management, and with help from agile project management. It is currently undergoing the conformity assessment process and the CE certification in accordance with the Medical Devices Regulation (EU) 2017/745 is expected soon.

It is suitable for invasive ventilation via a tube (pressure or volume controlled) with or without the support of spontaneous breathing. However, it can also be used for non-invasive ventilation with a mask or nasal cannula. In addition, high-flow oxygen therapy is also possible. At the same time, the device is easy to operate and extremely robust, so it can also withstand extreme climate conditions. An efficient battery system makes operation without a power supply possible, potentially for more than two hours as an option.

Easy maintenance and spare parts supply

Thanks to the use of industrial components and the absence of special parts, simple maintenance and unproblematic spare parts supply are guaranteed.

“The heart of our ventilator combines the knowledge and experience of decades of German engineering. In our development, we have used only components which are also successfully implemented in numerous high-tech machines in international industry and have proven their reliability.”

Lothar Schmidmayr, Managing Director at trimatec


With the patented design, which is completely new for ventilators, all components are easily and quickly accessible. If the worst comes to the worst, any mechanic anywhere in the world can carry out maintenance work and the device does not have to be transported by plane to the manufacturer for servicing. Larger quantities can also be produced within a short time as the components are quickly available. The LifesafAIR does not require any consumables such as cartridges. All parts that come into contact with the patient’s breath can be easily removed, sterilised in the autoclave and are guaranteed to be recycled 50 times.

 Source: trimatec GmbH

Unbureaucratic cooperation

In the broad Bürkert product portfolio, not only were all the required fluidic components available, but the parts for sampling were available much faster than is usual with other manufacturers. 

“So we could start our project as quickly as possible, we needed industry support right from the start because that was the only way we could find the right components.”

Richard Martin, Managing Director at trimatec
trimatec - Proportionalventile

From the beginning, the cooperation was characterised by flexibility and mutual trust. After a few days, the endurance tests with the prototype of the ventilation device could start. A Mass Flow Meter (MFM) measures the compositions of the oxygen-air mix and two proportional valves ensure that this is dosed precisely. Two more regulate the air supply at the outlet during inhalation and the exhaust air flow during exhalation. So, the dosing is dependent on the lung capacity of the patient. The lungs must not be overfilled, but it must be ensured that enough oxygen gets into the lungs and the lungs then empty again. As an additional safety feature, two solenoid valves are fitted on the inlet and by the exhaust air.

Mass flow meter with high precision and speed

trimatec - Massendurchflussmesser

In ventilation in intensive care, precision, short reaction times and the highest reliability of all components used are indispensable. MFMs and valves can score points here too. When used in neonatal wards, for example, it is necessary to provide the small patients with precisely dosed ventilation up to 80 times per minute, which the LifesafAIR would be able to do in light of its performance data. However, for the time being, approval has been applied for with the “intended use” for patients weighing 10 kg or more and aged 2 years or older. The thermal MEMS sensors used in the MFMs provide high measurement and repeatability accuracy. Since the sensors measure directly in the gas flow, the reaction times are extremely short and the control or measurement is very accurate. The thermal measuring principle works independently of pressure and temperature fluctuations. The direct-acting proportional valves are tight-sealing, very responsive, with integrated shut-off function and the actuating armature is mounted friction-free, resulting in particularly precise positioning behaviour over a wide setting range. So, the industry-proven fluidic components make a significant contribution to saving human lives, and certainly not only in times of pandemics.

Type 8741

Mass flow controller (MFC)/mass flow meter (MFM) for gases

Type 8741
  • Nominal flow ranges from 0.010 l/min to 160 l/min
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Very fast response times
  • Simple device exchange due to configuration memory
  • Optional: USP Class VI, FDA, EC 1935 compliant

Type 2873

Direct-acting 2-way standard solenoid control valve

Type 2873
  • Excellent range
  • Very good response
  • Compact valve design
  • Orifice sizes 0.8 ... 6 mm
  • Optional: Explosion-protected coil

Type 2875

Direct-acting 2 way standard solenoid control valve

Type 2875
  • Excellent range
  • Very good response
  • Compact valve design
  • Orifice sizes 2...9.5 mm
  • Optional: Explosion-protected coil