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Compact water and air units for dental treatment units

Water treatment units, sterilisation units and pressure supply components in KaVo Dental GmbH dental treatment units

Dentist chair

Where dentistry and dental technology products are concerned, KaVo Dental GmbH is one of the world’s leading companies and a pioneer in the dental market. The products offer attractive design, optimal use of space and an innovative operating concept. KaVo aims to offer the perfect individual treatment unit for all requirements from a single source. And this is where Bürkert comes into play.

Reliable technology for dentists and patients

For both doctors and patients, smooth functioning of the technology is essential. For this, the treatment units need to meet very high requirements and work reliably, safely, hygienically, quietly and unobtrusively. The challenge lies in constantly further developing and adapting systems to the changing needs and desires of dentists and their patients. KaVo is putting its trust in Bürkert’s exceptional system expertise and special knowledge in the entire area of media input components.

Water units and air units for dental treatment units

Bürkert is providing each complete water unit and air unit for the dental treatment units. Other components, assemblies, spare parts and maintenance sets are added to these. The current system solutions for the air unit and water unit originated around 20 years ago as a result of cooperation between Bürkert and the customer, and the solutions have been continuously refined since then.

Working to further develop system solutions

New projects are carried out via the Systemhaus, a system centre in Criesbach that was specially founded for these system developments. The customer is always involved in the development at this location from the start and supports the whole development process.

Added value for the customer:

Everything from a single source: comprehensive system expertise for well-designed system solutions
Short implementation times: time is saved in development through close cooperation
✓ Reliably quality: thanks to around 30 years of combined experience in the applications
Safety in development: perfect understanding for all product requirements  
Enhanced flexibility: short reaction times in case of increasing demand with in-house Kanban warehouse 

Hygiene centre for water treatment and sterilisation

The hygiene centre is a complete water treatment and sterilisation unit, which provides the whole treatment unit with different water qualities at different pressures and flow rates and sterilises the water as required. The water unit separates the treatment unit from the public drinking water supply, which meets the applicable national standards and guidelines: an integrated air gap ensures that no water from the sterilisation circuit can be sucked back into the domestic water supply.  

Air unit ensures the right pressure

The air unit is a pressure supply component for use in dental treatment units. It contains different pressure controllers and has an integrated filter- and condensate-separating function. All the air is purified with a medical filter and the condensate produced, which consists of water and dirt particles, is automatically separated during operation.

KaVo - Compact water and air block for dental treatment units Best Practice

Flyer Best Practice Compact water and air block for dental treatment units Best Practice

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Are you also interested in individual fluidic solutions in the dental sector? Then contact us.