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Achieve more together – Cooperation leads to added value and cost savings in clinical diagnostics

Find out more about the successful cooperation between Bürkert and BioSystems S.A., which leads to added value and cost savings in clinical diagnostics.

Since the beginning of the 1980s, the Spanish company BioSystems S.A. has been producing reliable analyzers for testing laboratories around the world. At the headquarters in Barcelona, a young and highly qualified team takes care of the research and development, the manufacture and the marketing of a whole range of analyzers for medical applications. With precisely fitting systems tailored to the respective requirements of the customers, BioSystems pursues the claim of making a significant contribution to human healthcare.

Blood analysis with optical light system

Smart efficiency – according to this guiding principle, the company has developed a new biochemical analyzer called BA400, which is used for the clinical examination of blood samples in human medicine and, with the help of an optical light system based on LED technology, for turbidimetric examinations (turbidity measurements) and clinical chemistry studies.

A system solution instead of single components for dosing liquids in analysis devices

In close cooperation with the Bürkert Systemhaus a modular, customer-specific solution for dosing the liquids required for the analysis was created, which can be used not only in new, but also in other devices from the Spanish manufacturer.

BioSystems has been working with the fluid specialist from Ingelfingen for several years. Before the new development, Bürkert supplied a large number of different components for the various analysis systems from the manufacturer. However, many single components mean increased costs in terms of procurement and maintenance. When developing its devices, BioSystems not only attaches importance to reliability and accuracy, which is an indispensable characteristic in clinical diagnostics, but also to cost-efficiency and flexibility. The new BA400 analyzer is designed for high throughput with optimum use of costs.

Bürkert valves are also used in the production of analysis devices.

Dosing units can be used modularly

In order to save costs and improve processes, the engineers at BioSystems thought about developing a universal dosing unit that is not only suitable for the new system, but also modularly for all analyzers in the wide-ranging portfolio.

A not insignificant technical challenge, because the entire dosing unit consists of five integrated components:

  • Injection unit
  • two valves
  • pressure sensor
  • filter on a transparent plastic injection moulding

Depending on the design of the analysis devices, a different number of dosing units is required. For this reason, it quickly became clear that the new solution had to have a modular structure that could be used individually or in any number, depending on the requirements.

In addition, in the field of microfluidics, i.e. the control of liquids in the smallest of spaces, very high dosing precision is required. The engineers from BioSystems therefore decided to use the extensive knowledge and expertise of Bürkert Fluid Control Systems and to enter into a corresponding cooperation.

Precise dosing in the microlitre range

With the new dosing unit, which can dose the smallest amounts of 2 microlitres, a “one-for-all” solution was finally found, which can be varied in the number and function of the valves used. The structure with or without a pressure switch is also variable, so that BioSystems can use the new dosing unit in any device. At the same time, the solution developed by the two partners is more reliable and economical than the previous systems.

The system developed by Bürkert (below) has a modular structure and is used in various analysis devices (above).

Low consumption for low-maintenance operation

The new dosing unit is one of the core elements of the new BA400 analyzer, which is used for in-vitro diagnostics. All the user has to do is load the analyzer with the appropriate samples and reagents. The device then takes over the fully automatic analysis of up to 400 samples/hour. Furthermore, the new device is characterised by low water consumption and low material consumption. This allows the analyzer to work continuously for eight hours without having to fill or empty the containers.

Innovative ideas flow into a tailor-made, modular system solution

In order to measure precisely and reliably, regulate and control the flow rates in the newly developed dosing unit, BioSystems used the entire wealth of experience in fluidic systems of the Bürkert Systemhaus. Both companies have extensive core competencies in their respective fields. But it was only by combining the specific skills that they were able to implement a unique and innovative solution for this demanding dosing task.

Bürkert’s willingness to listen carefully before finding a solution and to respond precisely to the requirements of BioSystems was very important for the Spanish engineers. 

The new development is based on the solenoid valve type 0127 (2/2 or 3/2-way solenoid valve) and the direct-acting, media-separated 3/2-way rocker solenoid valve 6628 from Bürkert. Both valves have the proven rocker technology, which not only ensures full back pressure tightness, good flushing ability and a low internal volume, but also precise switching of the smallest volumes, including aggressive media, with a minimum temperature rise in the coil. However, the fluid specialists provided more than just the solution for controlling the fluid flows.

The washing process in the device is essential
and is implemented by the Bürkert system (below).


Optimised design avoids air bubbles

An essential function in blood analysis is the detection and prevention of air bubbles, which can significantly falsify the analysis results. Bürkert has therefore avoided rough surfaces, dead spaces and sharp edges when designing the dosing unit. A particular challenge was also the transparent inspection view requested by the customer for visual control, which was to be attached above the dosing unit, below the structure with valves and pressure sensor. Bürkert developed a plastic injection moulded part made of transparent plastic, which has a very high surface quality in the dosing unit area without sharp edges.

“Despite the new challenges and problems that ordinarily arise in the course of innovative developments, both partners succeeded in developing a ground-breaking solution.”

Francesc Grau,, Mechanics Manager, BioSystems

Low costs thanks to large quantities

Despite the new challenges and difficulties that usually arise in the course of innovative developments, both partners managed to work out a forward-looking solution together. The new “one-for-all” dosing unit can now be used in more than one analyzer. Large quantities mean lower production costs, so that both partners ultimately benefit from the solution found. 

Award for outstanding product design

In addition to the innovative technical innovations, the new analysis device also impresses with its formal design and its optical properties. “The BA400 impresses with its dynamically curved lines, a compact, self-contained form and sustainable environmental properties,” was the reasoning of the Red dot award jury, which awarded the device the design prize for outstanding product design in 2014.


Type 6628

2/2 or 3/2 way TwinPower Rocker-Solenoid Valve with separating diaphragm

Type 6628
  • 22 mm ultra compact design with orifices up to DN 3.0
  • Isolating diaphragm for high chemical resistance
  • Circuit function NC, NO and 3 way universal
  • Back pressure tightness via rocker principle
  • Minimal internal volume with excellent cleanability

Type 0127

2/2 or 3/2-way rocker solenoid valve with separating diaphragm

Type 0127
  • For the highest chemical resistance requirements
  • Compact design with 16 mm width and a flow coefficient of up to 0.058
  • Proven reliability since 1993
  • Flexible design for customised solutions
  • High back-pressure tightness, excellent cleanability and 100% duty cycle

BioSystems - Added value and cost savings in clinical diagnosis through cooperation

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