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Bürkert Online Analysis System makes drinking water safe in Grand Poitiers

The municipal association of Grand Poitiers uses Bürkert devices to analyse its drinking water. The devices offer reliability in measuring various water parameters and enable short response times.

This is what Bürkert makes possible for your drinking water analysis:

  • At a glance: All the measured values are displayed on the 7" touchscreen.
  • Simple start-up: Hot-swappable sensors can simply be replaced or added during operation.
  • Modular design: Display unit and up to six sensor cubes in a single system. Additional sensors can be retrofitted as and when required.
  • Minimum water consumption: Thanks to sensor miniaturisation.

The type 8905 Online Analysis System developed by Bürkert was selected for the ongoing analysis of drinking water in the French municipal association of Grand Poitiers. These water analysis devices offer local government easy start-up, reliable measurements and low maintenance, as well as the flexibility of a system permitting further development.

For the protection of the drinking water supply

In the administrative department of Vienne, the municipal association of Grand Poitiers wanted to protect its drinking water supply and was looking for a suitable solution. “In France, water is the most controlled food substance. Our framework for producing and distributing drinking water is very strict, highly controlled and highly regulated”, stresses Laurent Lucaud, Vice-President responsible for drinking water for Grand Poitiers.

“In every minute of every day, we aim to provide everyone with this essential element.” The municipal in-house operation must ensure the water quality – from the moment of extraction up to the consumer’s faucet. On a daily basis, about 25.000 m³ of water are distributed to 145.000 inhabitants via a 1.200 km long network. “We were looking for a solution to protect our facilities, since these locations are sensitive and strategically important”, explains Lucaud.

“Any external interference and contamination must be prevented. In the event of contamination, it is also important for us to be able to identify it quickly and act accordingly.”

Laurent Lucaud, Vice President responsible for drinking water in Grand Poitiers

Type 8905: Reliable solution for water analysis

The Grand Poitiers municipal administration selected Bürkert to equip their water supply systems. Since April 2017, seven type 8905 analysis devices have been installed, above all in water towers.

Decision criteria: Why Bürkert was chosen

“When choosing the equipment, we had to take multiple criteria into account: the reliabilities of the measurements, the maintenance costs and also the company’s short response times”, explains Céline Lelard, who is responsible for drinking water production in Grand Poitiers.

Prior to mandatory acceptance, the operators of the water supply systems were able to test the devices over a period of six months. “That was an enormous help in taking a decision. Even though the team was initially sceptical, we were quickly won over”, say Jean-Michel Lacourcelle and Eric Berland. “These devices give us tangible benefits. We’ve seen this clearly. And with the controlled parameters, there aren’t any compromises either.”

More flexibility with controlled parameters

The Agence Régionale de Santé, the regional agency for health, is currently issuing recommendations regarding disinfection and the values that need to be complied with.

“With constant measurements, we are able to monitor various parameters and thus ensure compliance with the recommendations. Even though that has not yet become mandatory, we can check the water quality at any moment. That’s how you keep things safe.”

Céline Lelard, Officer responsible for the production of drinking water in Grand Poitiers

At present, four parameters are controlled: pH value, temperature, chlorine and conductivity. If needed, additional measuring parameters can be added. The municipal administration was impressed by this flexibility.

“Our industry and our duties are constantly evolving”, says Céline Lelard. “Molecules, which it is not currently possible to detect, could easily be detectable even tomorrow. That would mean that new parameters need to be adopted. For us, it's about having access to the right tools for detection, and that’s just what this modular and flexible system offers.”

Fast start-up, sinking costs

“The technology made sure the start-up was quick, and installation and calibration were also hassle-free”, remarks Jean-Michel Lacourcelle, the technician responsible for the municipal association’s external drinking water installations. “The devices were compatible with our equipment. Data transfer runs smoothly, and the sensor cubes are interchangeable. That is a tangible plus for maintenance and lowers the costs.”

What water parameters are you looking to measure? Don’t wait to learn more about the possibilities.

Type 8905

Online water analysis system

Type 8905
  • Continuous analysis of drinking water and industrial process water
  • Based on the modular Bürkert cube and backplane technology
  • Fieldbus connection for versatile industrial communication
  • Fieldbus connection for versatile industrial communication, data exchange via mobile gateway
  • Extremely low-maintenance and long service life thanks to MEMS technology