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Permeate Monitoring System: Safe access to clean water

Bürkert is the only manufacturer in the world to offer this automated single pressure pipe monitoring system with the Permeate Monitoring System for waterworks and installation engineers.

Monitoring of installations for nanofiltration or reverse osmosis

Objective of water treatment or seawater desalination: clean drinking water or industrial process water. In nanofiltration or reverse osmosis installations, pre-filtered water flows through the pressure pipes with diaphragms that filter out substances dissolved as ions. Each individual pressure pipe must provide the specified water quality. Parameters such as water conductivity show whether the quality is right. Pollutants passing through the diaphragm cause the conductivity to increase. This then leads to a protracted search for the cause.

Conventional solutions
Manually collecting samples from the single pressure pipe is time-consuming and the documentation error-prone. Usually, it is only done sporadically and diaphragm defects are usually detected late.
The automated monitoring of combined permeate from several individual pressure pipes only determines an average value. The malfunctioning of individual pressure pipes or diaphragms is not detected.
Error-free permeate analysis You require an error-free water analysis and as such need to know the precise condition of the diaphragms. In addition to scheduled maintenance intervals and costs, the opportunities afforded by digital control also play a role.

The flaws of conventional permeate monitoring

Grafische Darstellung einer Hand die einen Erlenmayerkolben hält

Manual sample collection
It is a complex process to collect samples manually from individual pressure pipes, and documentation is error-prone. Samples are usually only collected on a sporadic basis, meaning that damage to the diaphragm is only detected late.

Grafische Darstellung eines Erlenmayerkolben mit zwei Zahnrädern

Conventional automated monitoring
In automated monitoring, permeate collected from several individual pressure pipes is analysed. The result is an average value. The malfunctioning of individual pressure pipes or diaphragms is not detected.


No more troubleshooting in filtration

How do you find the fault if the water quality drops? Here at Bürkert, we have developed a system that allows you to monitor the permeate in every pressure pipe. Automatically. 

If a diaphragm develops a fault, there is no need to search for it. Instead, you check in which pressure pipe the conductivity is rising and replace the diaphragm in good time. With the automated monitoring system, this helps you maintain a specified water quality around the clock.


Bürkert’s Permeate Monitoring System

Added value for installation engineers and operators in water treatment

Grafische Darstellung einer Anlage mit Permeat-Monitoring-System von Bürkert

✔ Error-free permeate analysis for each pressure pipe
✔ Transparency regarding the state of the diaphragms
✔ Maintenance intervals and costs can be planned
✔ For systems of any size
✔ Digital control options


A compact system for your permeate control

„Is my permeate always of the right quality?” No more need to ask this when you use a Permeate Monitoring System. It automatically monitors the permeate of the individual pressure pipes in reverse osmosis or nanofiltration plants (RO/NF). 

Whether for water treatment or seawater desalination, once installed, it provides an accurate overview of small, medium and large installations. 

The result:

  • less downtime
  • more performance 
  • permeate of desired quality
Grafische Darstellung des Permeat-Monitoring-Systems von Bürkert

System construction

You will receive a Permeate Monitoring System ready to install and pre-configured for your installation. It comes with everything you need for reliable and efficient monitoring of water quality. When connected to the controller (PLC), it ensures your plant is digital. This provides you with all relevant data at a glance at all times and ensures that it is fully documented.


The benefits of the Permeate Monitoring System


Permeate monitoring in practice

A practical example demonstrates the benefits of the system in practice:

Grafische Darstellung von 40 Druckrohren

A waterworks with 40 pressure pipes has previously sampled and documented permeate quality each day.

Mit dem Wechsel auf das automatisierte Permeat-Monitoring-System spart es monatlich neun Arbeitsstunden. Pro Jahr beträgt die Ersparnis 108 Stunden.

The switch to automated Permeate Monitoring System saves nine working hours each month. Annually, 108 hours are saved.

Do you want to save time when sampling as well? If so, get in touch with us.