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Coriolis: Flow control of smallest liquid quantities

How you can use the Coriolis principle to dose even the smallest amounts of liquid – precisely, quickly and reproducibly

  • Verschiedene Symbole, die die Vorteile der Bürkert-Lösung in der Anwendung beschreiben
  • Grafische Darstellung einer Produktionsanlage mit Laufband und verpacktem Produkt, kombiniert mit Symbol Okay-Haken auf Schild

Typical challenges involved in dosing very small amounts of liquid

The challenge of dosing very small amounts of liquid relates to dosing precision: One drop too much or too little makes a big difference to ingredients, additives or aromas. It can negatively influence the quality of entire production batches. Our mass flow meters and controllers prevent unwanted dripping or an excessively sluggish response in the upstream dosing system.

  • Independent of pressure and viscosity
  • Constant flow rates – even at different speeds
  • Low pulsation
  • Precision and accuracy for maximum output and consistent quality

The solution: MFM/MFCs for the smallest amounts of liquid

The mass flow meters (MFM) and controllers (MFC) Type 8756 from Bürkert operate according to the Coriolis measuring principle:

  • Independent of medium, temperature and pressure or viscosity
  • Quick, precise and reproducible
  • Digital or analogue integration thanks to existing interfaces
  • Seamless tracking of process sequences
  • Continuous documentation for customers
  • Configuration memory included – simple device changeover possible
Grafische Darstellung des Massendurchflussmessers 8756

Mass flow meter
MFM Type 8756
The mass flow meter measures liquid flow rates up to 25 kg/h. It is designed to cope with minute quantities and aggressive liquids. Its accuracy of 0.2% of the measured value makes it one of the most accurate flowmeters for small liquid flow rates

Grafische Darstellung des Massendurchflussreglers 8756 mit Mikrozahnringpumpe

Mass flow controller
MFC Type 8756 with micro annular gear pump
A mass flow controller with a micro annular gear pump not only measures the flow rate but can also control it with a high degree of precision. A very high resolution and smooth pump operation guarantee the exact setting of a desired set-point flow rate. Due to the high-quality wetted materials, the pump can also be used with liquids.

How Bürkert mass flow meters/controllers benefit you

The perfect solution for many industries

Although they appear to operate very differently at first glance, different industries face the same challenges when it comes to additives: This is where effect, taste, smell, consistency or appearance play an important role. Therefore, dosing must be carried out precisely to guarantee the consistent quality of the end product. In addition, it must occur quickly to achieve higher process utilization.

Grafische Darstellung von verschiedenen Produkten aus dem Pharma- und Food-Segment

Pharmaceutical: Ultra-precise dosage of additives determines the composition and effectiveness of drugs and medicines.
Chemicals: High-precision dosing of individual substances is essential in the case of chemicals.
Food & beverages: An exact measurement ensures the reproducibility of appearance, consistency or taste.
Cosmetics: For additives such as the fragrances used in care products, exact dosing is essential.

The Coriolis principle

The MFM/MFC Typ 8756 devices enable quick, reliable and precise dosing for consistent quality of the end products. The Coriolis principle makes it possible: The liquid is measured independent of the medium, temperature and pressure.

  • Unrivalled precision and speed
  • Reliable and flexible
  • Once adjusted, it can be used for every liquid
Tube vibrations when liquid is flowing
Tube vibrations without medium
Mass flow meter MFM Type 8756
Mass flow controller MFC Type 8756 with micro annular gear pump

Arguments in favour of MFM/MFC Type 8756

Do you want to work with greater speed and precision yet ensure consistently high production quality? Discover how you can also cut costs while doing so.

Assumptions: The measurement based on the Coriolis principle is compared with the gravimetric method, since the two methods are equivalent in terms of precision. The same peripherals (valves, pumps) as well as differences in accuracy are assumed. In addition, the same costs are applied for dosing. The plant runs 24/7.

€0.05 profit per filling; assuming that an additional 35,446 units are produced per day, profit: €0.05 per unit x 35,446 units = €1,772.30 per day. Extrapolated to one year - consisting of 365 days - this would be: €808,165

Savings of 500 mg of additive per day due to greater precision, 10 mg of additive cost €1 = €864 savings per day. Extrapolated to one year – 365 days x €864 - that would be: €315,360

160% higher productivity thanks to greater speed

43% higher savings thanks to greater precision

Your advantage: Faster and more precise working processes

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Measuring and controlling the smallest amounts of liquid continuously

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