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Monitoring water quality: Online and continuously

The Type 8905 Online Analysis System reliably supplies you with all the key measured values and thus ensures your water quality.

  • Typ 8905 auf grauem Hintergrund mit Schild-Icon
  • Sensorcube in den Varianten pH-Wert, Eisen, ORP, Trübung, und Leitfähigkeit
  • Typ 8905 mit verschiedenen Vorteil-Icons: Brille, Lupe, Box, Hand, die klickt und Hand mit Wassertropfen

Everything at a glance

Process monitoring plays an essential role in water treatment. Be it water treatment plants, pharmaceutical companies or food and beverage manufacturers: Applicable regulations to ensure high water quality must always be observed. To do so, many plant operators monitor their treatment process continuously. Bürkert’s Online Analysis System makes this task easy. You therefore have full sight of your water and the costs involved at all times.

Typ 8905 mit sechs Cubes und den Mehrwerten: Alle Messdaten auf einen Blick, Platzsparend und wartungsarm, Exakte und dokumentierte Messwerte, Einfache Messung alle wichtigen Parameter in einem System, Umweltfreundlich und ressourcenschonend

Systematic water quality monitoring – your advantages

  1. All measurement data at a glance thanks to digital interfaces and an easy-to-read display
  2. Space-saving and low-maintenance thanks to miniaturised sensor cubes
  3. Exact and documented measured values thanks to constant checks and data storage
  4. Simple measurement of all key parameters in one system: Chlorine, chlorine dioxide, pH, iron, ORP, conductivity, turbidity
  5. Environmentally and resource-friendly sustainable system with minimum water consumption
Conventional solution
Large measuring walls take up a lot of space in your plant. The expenditure for manual analysis methods is high. In addition, there are time-consuming external laboratory analyses.

Reliable online analysis for water parameters

Water is the basis of all life. And there is a growing scarcity of this vital resource on our planet. Giving a growing world population access to clean water is becoming increasingly difficult. To be able to provide water with a certain degree of purity, you need measurement devices for the reliable online analysis of physical, chemical and microbiological parameters.


Multi-parameter - clever sensors simplify the task of measuring water quality

Miniaturised sensor elements are the innovative heart of the online analysis system, which also enables multi-parameterisation. Simply insert the ultra-compact sensor cubes into your system and measure your water parameters. Thanks to the hot-swap function, you can also remove the cubes for cleaning and replace them while the system is in operation.


All measuring parameters at a glance

If you want to discover more about these measurement technologies, please download our flyer.


Analyse water simply and accurately – a compact measurement and monitoring system

Bürkert’s Type 8905 Online Analysis System allows you to monitor all key water parameters continuously and accurately without excessive maintenance – in a single compact system. Distributed across your process, it is possible to connect up to 30 sensors to just one device.

High-resolution 7" touch screen

Intuitive operation and clear visualization.

Simple connection technology

No need for multiple wires and excessive pipework, only one connection for the complete system.

Extensive parameterization

Flexible combination of up to 30 sensor cubes, e.g.: Chlorine, chlorine dioxide, pH, redox potential, conductivity & turbidity

Cleaning System

Fully automated cleaning of the cubes with freely definable cleaning sequences.

Hot-Swap Technology

Plug&Play Sensor cubes. Easy removal for maintenance, even during operation.


Modular – adapted to your plant and application

Do you want to be flexible in terms of location?

Utilise the online analysis system as a decentralised field unit

Online-Analyse-System als dezentral montierte Feldeinheit

The integrated fieldbus unit communicates with the central PLC, where all the parameters are evaluated. The different sensor cubes vary according to the number and type of parameters being measured. The individual field units of Type 8904 can, as required, be assembled in a decentralised manner at any point in the process.

  • Decentral assembly
  • Parameters read from a central location
  • Digital communication between the devices

Are you looking for a robust solution?

Use the Online Analysis System in the easy-to-clean control cabinet

A control cabinet tailored to your requirements protects your components from external damage and offers the degree of protection IP65. The intuitive 7” touchscreen facilitates operation and ensures a clear overview of measured values. Vary up to 60 sensor cubes to suit your measurement tasks. The automatic cleaning units automatically rinse the system after each measurement, thereby eliminating the need for manual intervention.

  • Individual sensory equipment for your application
  • Automatic cleaning units
  • Compact control cabinet

Intelligent communication

Do you want to network various devices? Do you want to exchange and process maintenance or process information? A standardised communication interface makes this possible. Bürkert’s Efficient Device Integration Plattform", or EDIP, is the underlying technology.

With the Type 8905 Online Analysis System, this networking functions down to the sensor / actuator level. This allows you to control your entire process effectively and efficiently – using device interfaces and intuitive user interfaces.

The Online Analysis System

✓ is easy to commission and parameterise
✓ has a modular design
✓ can be extended at any time
✓ delivers a space saving solution


Suitable accessories for the Online Analysis System

Cleaning, calibrating, treating sample water: Bürkert offers useful accessories that match your Type 8905 Online Analysis System. For the treatment of the sample water, we offer a bubble trap and a pressure reducing valve.

Reinigungs- und Kalibriereinheit Typ MZ15


MZ15 cleaning and calibration unit

Cleaning sensor cubes is very easy: Remove the cube, click it into the cleaning unit, clean and calibrate it. Done. This type of manual cleaning is suitable for good water quality that does not require regular cleaning. Discover more about the advantages of our MZ15 cleaning and calibration unit.

Reinigungssystem Typ MZ20


Type MZ20 cleaning system

If the water quality is inferior or the water contains a lot of lime, you should clean the cubes regularly. In this case, the fully automated cleaning unit quickly pays for itself. It cleans automatically and individually in a time-controlled manner. Adjust the cleaning fluid according to the level of soiling. Discover more about the advantages of our MZ20 cleaning system now.


Your added value for the online analysis of water parameters

In conventional systems, samples are taken manually, analysed and documented. Using the Online Analysis System, this takes place automatically and continuously. The consumption of water and sample water as well as the space required also differ considerably. When will you change over to a water analysis system with added value?

                                       Conventional plant                                        Plant with Type 8905

Verschiedene Geräte vernetzt mit der Kommunikationsschnittstelle EDIP „Efficient Device Integration Platform“ von Bürkert.

Type 8905

Online water analysis system

Type 8905
  • Continuous analysis of drinking water and industrial process water
  • Based on the modular Bürkert cube and backplane technology
  • Fieldbus connection for versatile industrial communication
  • Fieldbus connection for versatile industrial communication, data exchange via mobile gateway
  • Extremely low-maintenance and long service life thanks to MEMS technology