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The competent partner for drinking water treatment

The United Nations has recognised access to clean water as a human right. This shows how great the responsibility for drinking water treatment and provision is and that we all must and can make our contribution. Your company does so with the water treatment – we do so with the appropriate measurement, control and regulation technology.


While this vital resource is becoming more scarce, the need for water of sufficiently high and compliant quality, free from impurities and contamination, is increasing worldwide. Just like the need for reliable, sustainable, economical and energy-saving sourcing and delivery.

The most important drivers in water management and industrial water treatment are and will remain digitisation and the expansion of the degree of automation in the systems. In the future, the responsibility for water treatment processes in industry will be further outsourced and highly automated in order to ensure the lowest possible maintenance effort.

In view of the growing challenges, the extraordinary responsibility in water analysis, the technical specialisation and the high need for automation in water production, it is important to bundle know-how, experience and technical solutions. It makes sense here to have a system partner who offers the automation, valve, control and measurement technology from planning to maintenance from a single source and with a personal contact person.

Quality assurance in water production and water control

We are happy to advise you on the specifications of your systems and the corresponding processes. Talk to us or use the contact form for a non-binding consultation.

Water abstraction
The requirement: Modern water sourcing up to the digitisation of the source.
The Bürkert solution: Bürkert offers the appropriate components and systems for all water monitoring and closed-loop control steps. For decentralised process automation and instrumentation, we supply pneumatic control cabinets, valve islands, flaps, compressed air backwash valves, radar level gauges and electromagnetic flow meters (EMF).
Water pre-treatment
The requirement: Online analysis of all relevant water parameters and open-loop control of pre-treatment.
The Bürkert solution: With control cabinets, valve islands, sensors and flow meters, we have the essential instruments for process automation, quality/receipt control and the measurement of various parameters such as turbidity, conductivity, nitrate and iron content.
Iron removal process
The requirement: The control of the required oxidation gases for safe and optimum iron removal as well as the appropriate sensors for monitoring the iron content.
The Bürkert solution: We offer an oxidiser box with mass flow controller for automated dosing of oxidation air as well as pneumatic control cabinets, valve islands, flaps and ball valves for process automation and pressure, flow and level meters as instrumentation.
Water filtration
The requirement: Flawless and consistent operation of the filter modules.
The Bürkert solution: State-of-the-art digital process automation with valve islands, standard valves and special valves ensure smooth centralised and decentralised closed-loop control.
Membrane filtration
The requirement: Removal of unwanted suspended matter and bacteria as well as demineralisation of the water.
The Bürkert solution: Precise digital process valves and a permeate monitoring system.
Storage & distribution
The requirement: Resource-saving drinking water control.
The Bürkert solution: We offer a customer-specific online analysis system equipped with the parameters you need.
The requirement: Robust dosing monitoring and closed-loop control of liquids.
The Bürkert solution: We support you in disinfection processes using impeller sensors, impeller flow meters, control valves or online analysis of the chlorine content to make the subsequent processes safer.
Water blending
The requirement: Exact measurement and blending of demineralised and treated water to achieve optimum water quality with fluctuations in input quality and throughput.
The Bürkert solution: In our Systemhaus, we develop customer-specific control solutions with a special focus on increased process reliability through perfectly coordinated components.

Measurably safe, measurably efficient

Up to


Cost savings in water analysis with a Bürkert system solution.

Up to


less space, time & Components with the automation solution AirLINE Quick Type 8652 for water treatment.

Up to

75 h

Less working time per year thanks to the pre-configuration with the multiCELL Type 8619 multifunction controller.

Bürkert Systemhaus – always open for your requirements in water treatment

Systems and devices for analysis and control in water treatment are complex and time-consuming. Use the know-how of our fluid control specialists to act more efficiently. We listen, analyse and develop future-oriented products and systems until they are ready for series production. You and your projects are always welcome in the Systemhaus – on site, by telephone or virtually.

  • Ideas manufacturing

    Experienced consultants, qualified industry specialists and dedicated engineers work directly with you to develop a solution for your requirements for 100% reliable measuring and control instruments, automation solutions and digital processes for water treatment. Thanks to our network of five Systemhaus locations in Germany, China and the US, you can rely on flexible and efficient project management – from the initial idea to the implementation of solutions for waterworks and the water industry.

    Directly to Systemhaus

Analysing, checking, automating – our offer for water treatment

Type 8905

Online water analysis system

Type 8905
  • Continuous analysis of drinking water and industrial process water
  • Based on the modular Bürkert cube and backplane technology
  • Fieldbus connection for versatile industrial communication
  • Fieldbus connection for versatile industrial communication, data exchange via mobile gateway
  • Extremely low-maintenance and long service life thanks to MEMS technology

From practice: Applications and technologies for water treatment

With Bürkert, you have an optimum overview of the water quality

Find out more about water analysis with Bürkert solutions or ask us directly for an individual specification for your application.