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Safe drinking water network thanks to modular water analysis system

The Eurometropolis of Strasbourg relies on a low-maintenance system with compact sensor cubes to monitor its drinking water. These provide relevant measured values via remote access and therefore enable consistently high quality.

Online-Analyse System Typ 8905 im Schaltschrank beim Kunden Eurometropole Strasbourg

Water is the elixir of life. Drinking and service water must be clean, and not harmful to health – to the highest degree in a distribution system. Suppliers are therefore given the responsibility of monitoring the quality of water from a wide variety of sources in urban and rural spaces. The Eurometropolis of Strasbourg introduced the compact Type 8905 online analysis system by Bürkert after a 6-month test phase.

Overview of all the important water parameters

The supply of clean water to approximately 500,000 residents is therefore guaranteed by measuring a wide range of water parameters. The special feature: the modular system combines all important water parameters into one platform with real-time representation and enables a quick and precise reaction, thanks to remote access.

Simple water monitoring platform for the Eurometropolis

Tap on – and we already have access to good quality water. But the way from the sampling point to the home connection makes monitoring complex, with many pipes and measuring devices. The water supplies of the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg were also faced with this challenge: 17 million cubic metres of water per year must be distributed to 33 communities over a 1,500 km long network. 

Online Analysis System teste successfully

Strasbourg has now found an easy monitoring solution with the Type 8905 online analysis system by Bürkert. The compact system was developed for the continuous monitoring of water in supply networks and storing important measuring parameters. The customer-specific analysis devices were installed in the network of the Eurometropolis and tested over six months.

“The test phase was an important aid in making decisions. We were able to plan and check how everything functions ourselves. The joint installation and calibration went very smoothly and our teams were quickly convinced by the ease of use.”

Jean-Marc Weber, Project Planning and Water Quality Department Manager for the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg

Flexible all-in-one solution

In order to comply with applicable guidelines to ensure high water quality, drinking and service water quality must be monitored continuously. Several separate measuring devices are used in large measuring stations in conventional procedures. They are high-maintenance and require costly manual sampling and analysis procedures that also consume large quantities of water. 

Parameter individually established

An all-in-one solution was requested. With the modular Type 8905 online analysis system by Bürkert, the Strasbourg water services can now precisely and consistently monitor the parameters of 

  • pH
  • temperature
  • chlorine
  • conductivity

with one system.

Expandable via plug-and-play

The city is also equipped for the future if a larger spectrum of pollutants needs to be measured, thanks to the modular structure. Depending on requirements, other measuring modules that operate state-of-the-art technologies can be inserted into the compact system – e.g. cloudiness, redox potential or iron measurements via plug & play with flow injection analysis. However, nitrate and SAC measurements are also possible.

Miniaturised sensor elements

A core part of the Type 8905 system are the modular sensor cubes. The ultra-compact “dice” work with MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems), which contain miniaturised sensors in the form of microchips. Up to six different water parameters can be measured with one device.

Fewer reagents used

Depending on the measurement parameters, different sensor elements are used, such as special electrodes, diaphragms, reinforcement elements or ion-sensitive field transistors. Compared to conventional procedures, MEMS technology enables considerably reduced water and reagent consumption.


“The measurements are reliable and maintenance costs low. The Bürkert service team are also quick to respond.” The design also plays a part: “The small cabinet systems are fine and provide our team with easy access.”

Jean-Marc Weber, Project Planning and Water Quality Department Manager for the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg

Analysis device saves expensive sampling

Thanks to the reduction of previous measuring stations into compact, efficient analysis devices, the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg can avoid 3,600 expensive samples per year, which used to be required for ensuring water quality. Maintenance costs are also reduced: compared to glass probes, the microchips in the cubes have a significantly longer operating duration and greater calibration interval. The cubes can also be removed during operation for calibration or maintenance, even for continuous processes. The remaining cubes then measure the other water parameters uninterrupted.

3 Personen stehen gemeinsam neben dem Wasseranalysesystem, im Hintergrund Häuser von Straßburg.

Remote monitoring creates safety

The online analysis system was implemented for the Strasbourg metropolitan region as a space-saving cabinet solution that contains all the necessary components for monitoring. All measured values are clearly displayed on a 7” touchscreen on site for the waterworks supervisors and technicians. The entire process can also be monitored remotely, thanks to the fieldbus connection. The analysis device transmits the current process values, faults and maintenance information directly to the control system via the ME43 gateway module. The Eurometropolis of Strasbourg can therefore view the water quality at any time, recognise contamination quickly and act accordingly, which increases safety while also reducing maintenance assignments.


Simple water quality measurement: The Type 8905 covers all important parameters in one system: chlorine, chlorine dioxide, pH, ORP, redox, conductivity, cloudiness and iron. Nitrate and SAK measurements are also possible.

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Continuous monitoring: The PLC connection means you always have an overview of all measurement data if required. On site and remotely.

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Modularity: The Bürkert online analysis system can be individually adapted to your requirements and integrated with ease.


Minimal expense: Automated measurement provides enormous relief for your workload. The technologies used in the individual sensor cubes mean the maintenance intervals increase significantly.

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