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Economical and low-maintenance operation for dental units

Heka Dental and Bürkert have developed a new inlet unit for dental treatment units. The result is a plug-and-play solution that is easily installed and requires practically no maintenance. High quality components make the solution particularly durable.

Dental Chair Heka Dental

Dental units are complex systems: They combine a wide variety of assemblies with different features, such as instruments with air blow or spray function, sterile water flow, and torque control. All pipes, gaskets, and filters must function reliably and safely for everything to run smoothly.

Compact design and long service life for dental treatment.

Heka has more stringent requirements: The Danish manufacturer of dental units, known for their clear form language in an extremely compact design, attaches great importance to modular units and long service life. Bürkert had prepared an ideal solution and developed it further with Heka Dental. A new inlet unit for water and air simplifies operations whilst reducing costs.

Modular and low-maintenance system unit 

Many of the existing valves in Heka Dental’s devices are joint development projects between the Danish company and Bürkert Denmark. “We have been using Bürkert components and developing solutions together for over 40 years,” says Asbjørn Helwiig Nielsen, describing the collaboration. Together with his team, the CEO of Heka Dental has long had the vision of modular system units for different applications that are also maintenance-friendly. A proactive approach from Bürkert brought about the development of the new Heka G+ dental unit. 

Fits on the block - the central unit as a core component

“Wherever water and air flow, there are many individual components – each with the risk of leakage, contamination, or loss of function,” Asbjørn Nielsen explains the critical points. “Bürkert’s idea for an input module impressed us immediately.” This is an inlet valve for water and also for compressed air, pilot control, filter and pressure controller. A combined system on a block - with a wide range of benefits.

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“Bürkert’s pre-configured, pre-assembled, and pretested modules save us a lot of working time and costs.”

Asbjørn Helwiig Nielsen, Chief Executive Officer of Heka Dental

Clean interior - safe, sustainable and economical in operation

Nielsen goes into more detail: “Since we stand for high quality, durable dental units with our brand, the inner components must also be of the highest quality. Bürkert is a reliable partner with the same claim and is therefore a perfect fit for us.“ 

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“It’s a big selling point that we only use Bürkert valves for the main control units.”

Morten Sand Poulsen, Technical Manager at Heka Dental

The challlenge with valves? “Valves, which come into contact with aqueous fluids, can become clogged with limescale over time”, explains Poulsen. As a result, the functionality of the valves can be limited. “An important feature of the new component is that there is a separation between water and control air, and a rubber membrane prevents deposit of limescale due to its movement”.

Bürkert Dentalbauteil für Wasser und Druckluft mit Magnetventilen, Vorsteuerung, Filter und Druckregler sowie und Schläuche für Heka Dental

Die neuen Einlassblöcke für Wasser und Druckluft umfassen ein Magnetventil, Vorsteuerung, Filter und Druckregler.

Less electricity, lower temperature, fewer bacteria

In addition to the safety aspect, Nielsen emphasises another innovation offers ecological and economic advantages: With its ultra-compact size, the new module fits perfectly into the Scandinavian design. At the same time, the valve on the unit uses far less electricity: 0.3 W instead of 16 W. “This also means that the valves do not become warm and the water temperature does not increase. As a result, this reduces the risk of bacterial growth.“

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“The maintenance of the new valve system is considerably easier. Previously, we had to disassemble all the individual valves and replace all gaskets every year. With the valve system, only the filters have to be changed, otherwise the dental unit is maintenance-free.”

Asbjørn Helwiig Nielsen, Chief Executive Officer of Heka Dental

Increased efficiency thanks to simple plug-and-play installation

As Bürkert provides complete solutions with solenoid valves and controllers, the new system is also simple to install. Another economic factor: Bürkert’s customised pre-setting and testing of the components at the factory relieves the Danish company of time-consuming work. “We save a great deal of time and money due to the preconfigured, pretested and approved parts”, says Nielsen regarding the requirements - also in terms of the regulations for producing medical equipment.


Montage von vorkonfigurierten Medieneingangseinheit für Zahnarztstühle

Die vorkonfigurierten, vorgetesteten und zugelassenen Komplettlösungen mit Magnetventilen und Reglern sind einfach zu montieren.

Compact solution is integrated into the customer design 

The new core component was developed in collaboration with Heka Dental, and in line with their requirements. “It is a key aspect for us that our partnership with Bürkert enables us to have the decisive influence on how the product is adapted. This makes it easier for us to integrate it into our compact design”, explains Poulsen. 

Usage and further developments within the context of sustainability

During this joint development, Heka Dental focuses hard on sustainability, explains Nielsen: “Generally, our dental units have a service life of 10 to 20 years, then they are usually sold and have a second service life in another practice that lasts another 10 to 15 years.”   

Two men with shirt

Asbjørn Helwiig Nielsen, Chief Executive Officer von Heka Dental (links) und Morten Sand Poulsen, technischer Leiter von Heka Dental (rechts)

Poulsen places great emphasis on the importance of availability and storage, even of older components. “We are also grateful in this regard that we work together with Bürkert. Just like us, Bürkert also stands for durable components that are available for long periods of time, along with the necessary know-how.”

A hands-on mentality in joint developments

Nielsen looks to the future and can also imagine further developments with Bürkert for other units that simplify everyday dental work even more, such as an optimised instrument table. “When it comes to our plans we always see a hands-on mentality - both at our premises and with Bürkert.“ He is really pleased with the open, constructive collaboration between both parties.

Long-term partnership

Open and solution-focused collaboration mean we search for and implement solutions together with you as well as our experts and technicians, whether this is in our Systemhaus facilities or your development departments.

Tailored and planned solutions

We can prepare customized solutions for our customers depending on requirements. We handle the measurements, testing, pre-configuration and approval, such as when it is part of the Medical Devices Regulation.

High level of reliability

Compared to systems with many individual valves, the compact inlet system enables us to limit the potential for leaks as well as the risk of contamination.

Would you also like to benefit from a customized, safe and low-maintenance solution within the medical or dental technology sectors? If so, then talk to us!


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Reliable water and air control for dental technology:

Type 5110

Media Supply Unit

Type 5110
  • Compact and modular system
  • Simple maintenance
  • Integrated filter
  • Media can be controlled individually and precisely
  • Easy to scale and can be lined up or stacked in any order