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How innovative dosing systems make liquid chromatography more accurate

As a user of a chromatography device, you know: Only if substances from the pharmaceutical or clinical environment or from the environment and forensics can be analysed exactly and quickly in the chromatograph can you work really efficiently and ensure fast further processing. The precision in the dosage also determines how well you can automate your processes.

Your challenges in chromatography

A distinction is made here between the application areas of analytical, preparative and flash chromatography. All processes require exact dosing of the solvents to produce high-precision results.

The challenge within analytical chromatography

The imprecise switching behaviour of the valves often leads to an imprecise mixing of the mobile phase, which results in an imprecise gradient. The production of valve blocks is complex and therefore cost-intensive due to the machining, mechanical processes. If large numbers of valve blocks are produced, this has a negative effect on the manufacturing costs of the chromatographs.

The challenge for preparative chromatography

The manual process by which the substance is brought from the fraction collector back to the sample injection can often prove to be error-prone. The manual method is much more laborious in terms of personnel and time, as the substances have to be put back into the sample injector in conscientious steps. This slows down the overall process.

The challenge in flash chromatography

Speed and fast results are essential in flash chromatography. The chromatographs used must work economically and deliver a high output within the shortest possible time, as downstream processes depend on them.

Bürkert system solutions ensure precise, repeatable and automated processes

In a high-throughput laboratory, standardised methods for the separation of substances are indispensable. Our solutions comply with standards, are chemically resistant and can be individually adapted to your requirements.

Analyticial chromatography

Thanks to precisely working valves, which convince with their service life, high switching accuracy and chemical resistance (FFKM), we realise a reliable and exact gradient mixture and thus the best possible separation results.

Solution low-pressure gradient with type 6650

Chromatographieprozess bei Niederdruck

Our pulse valves allow an automatic bottle change of the solvent. Your advantage: The replacement of the empty vessels can be carried out during operation.

Solution high-pressure gradient with type 6724 pulse

Chromatographieprozess bei Hochdruck

Preparative chromatography

Thanks to individual solutions, we guarantee you a continuous and fast process for the column flow and the distribution of the relevant fractions. The automated return of the substance from the fraction collector back to the separation column also reduces your manual effort. Fast further processing is secured.

Customised solutions for preparative chromatography based on our types:

Präparativer Chomatographie-Prozess mit Bürkert-Lösung.

Flash chromatography

Our dosing solutions guarantee a high output in a short time and work very economically. The automated cleaning of the distribution blocks accelerates your process. Thanks to fewer interfaces, the risk of leakage is reduced.

Solution flash chromatography with type 6628 & type 6724

Flash-Chromatographie-Prozess mit Bürkert Lösung

The use of Bürkert dosing technologies in chromatography offers you the following advantages:

How Bürkert solutions can shorten your maintenance work and achieve accurate results

With Bürkert solutions, your maintenance costs can be minimised enormously. This is made possible by a 10 times longer service life compared to conventional valves. In addition, the peaks always remain exact over a long period of time and do not show any fluctuations. For you, this means long-term and reliable results.

Service life

In a laboratory with an eight-hour working day, the HPLC devices run for approximately six hours. The valves are clocked at 1 Hz. This results in 21,600 switching operations per working day.

Conventional solution and Bürkert solution in comparison


In the conventional solution, one valve reaches 10 million circuits, which means it is ready for use for 463 days. The chromatograph must be calibrated within a year for 8 hours. In contrast, a Bürkert solution achieves 100 million circuits, is ready for use for 4630 days and only needs to be calibrated for one hour a year. This means that you have a savings potential of +90 million circuits, a longer service life of +4167 days and 7 hours less maintenance time so that you can achieve the best results.

Switching behaviour and repeatability

Gradient mixing has a direct influence on the separation of fractions. The peaks reflect the accuracy over the service life at intervals of 6 months.

The gradient mixture of the conventional solution compared to the Bürkert solution

Due to the inaccurate dosing of the gradients, the peaks of the conventional solution blur over time. With the Bürkert solution with type 6650, the gradient mixture remains accurate even after 6 months and thus enables reliable results.

Die Gradientenmischung der konventionellen Lösung vs. der Bürkert-Lösung
Precise media separation in liquid chromatographyPrecise media separation in liquid chromatography

For you as a pharmaceutical products manufacturer, production processes must be robust, efficient and safe. The aim is to reduce plant downtimes as effectively as possible and to process your valuable raw materials with as little residue and cross-contamination as possible.

Find out here how Bürkert can support you with energy-efficient valves and demand-oriented automation concepts for safe and smooth production, for example in liquid chromatography or high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

We will find the right solution for your liquid chromatograph. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.