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Precision burner control – the next generation

The use of burners in any industry requires careful gas control not only for the sake of safety, but also to maintain a uniform process and to achieve maximum efficiency. Achieving higher levels of gas metering precision and integrating the function into a system however can be a challenge. To meet this challenge Bürkert has developed a new package that can be customised to suit a range of applications that employs the latest in precision mass-flow control technology.

Flexibility and precision are two of the key attributes required of gas blending equipment and Bürkert has a long standing reputation for designing gas and fluid control devices that can be integrated into existing process control systems. From individual components to complete control systems, Bürkert has the expertise to design and deliver products that meet or exceed industry standards.

The MultiMFC Gas Box incorporates precision gas metering, flexible configuration, the latest network communication technology and a simple user interface. The modular system comprises an intuitive touchscreen display that includes a prominent system status LED which indicates the operational condition of the controller according to NAMUR standard NE107. The sensor housing module can be equipped with a variety of mass flow controllers (MFCs) and includes gas port connections and a polycarbonate window to enable sight of the LED status lights on the MFCs.

With such a range of measurement sensors and control valves that can be incorporated into the sensor module, the latest development from Bürkert has excellent flexibility in terms of the variety of gases that can be controlled. Combined with precision and reliability, the gas blending controller has all of the essential qualities required to form the heart of a burner control system.

This latest solution offers true plug-and-play functionality with no need for a PLC. The self-contained gas control modules can be used as a mixer or as a distributor that can be easily programmed to control up to 16 MFCs through the touch-screen display. The unit also includes full data logging capability to provide complete records and ensure compliance with industry standards.

Accurate burner control should also be combined with safe operation which means the inclusion of safety shut-off valves within the design of the gas burner control loop. Bürkert offers a range of TÜV-certified solenoid valves which have been designed with stringent quality controls to deliver functional reliability and low maintenance operation. Suitable for the different performance classes and types of burner, the range of valves is designed for use in the main fuel feed, return lines and circulation lines where the fuel is pre-heated.

Bürkert is a market leader in the control of fluids and gases, with extensive expertise and design capabilities, it can work with OEM's and end users alike to develop solutions and improvements for a wide range of applications. Its design expertise includes complete gas control systems, ATEX testing facilities and prototype development for industrial and commercial applications.

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