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Why Central Automation is Right for Your Business

Central automation from Bürkert Fluid Control Systems allows all equipment to be concentrated at a single location, quickly and easily, with mutually compatible components. This proven technology of control cabinets, valve islands, communication modules and CLASSIC valves, work together to provide the highest levels of reliability.

Central automation is the classic automation solution for process control. Here control functions and information are all concentrated at one point. Bürkert’s components can be configured easily, are 100% tested and fully documented so that nothing can get in the way of straightforward installation.

Central automation means more streamlined processes

Concentrating all control functions in a single room or control cabinet ensures a secure positioning of your engineering supplies, away from disturbing influences. This is especially advisable where the processes involved create harsh conditions and a high degree of operational reliability is required.

Pilot valves can be replaced while the plant is still operating, so it remains available all the time. Central automation also makes it easier to maintain an overview of what is going on, and extensions are easily carried out.

When is central automation right for your needs?

  • When you need a central concentration of pneumatic control equipment.
  • When difficult environment and regular washdowns call for an isolated installation.
  • When you have access restriction.

What are the special benefits of this automation solution?

  • Everything in one place – valve islands in larger control cabinets.
  • Proven technology and components that are designed to work with each other – from the control cabinet, valve island and communication module to process valves.

What are the added values of central automation in your case?

  • Everything in one place.
  • Protection against corrosion and unauthorised access.
  • Tried-and-tested technology for optimal operational reliability.
  • Modular assembly for individual solutions.
  • Reduced engineering costs thanks to prequalified platforms.
  • Fast and easy configuration.
  • Comprehensive inspection and documentation.

A proven automation solution from Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

Bürkert teamed up with specialist planners and drinking water experts to develop a comprehensive solution, including central automation. The task was to automate the supply system and concentrate the technology in one place - with the aim of helping waterworks supervisors and simplifying oxidation procedures.

All the technological components for the filter control are contained in special stainless steel pneumatic cabinets supplied by Bürkert Fluid Control Systems. This means that the entire automation system for several filter containers and control equipment for over 20 armatures are concentrated at a single location. The control cabinet is also the connecting link between the PLC system and the armatures. With this state-of-the-art system, Bürkert supplies reliable solutions going beyond the central automation option.

In many waterworks, precisely controlled drinking water treatment is still dependent on the experience of the plant supervisor. Specifically, on their experience in setting the dosing of the oxidation air manually. Exact dosing is essential to prevent the limit values laid down by drinking water regulations being exceeded. If they are, there is a danger of problematic deposits forming in pipelines and armatures.

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