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Turnkey engineering solutions from Bürkert

If you thought Bürkert only specialised in solenoid valves, you’d be wrong. Our product line extends far beyond solenoids and process valves to encompass a wide range of sensors, transmitters, controllers and control panels. Furthermore, our customer services are second to none. Mark Lilley, Food and Beverage Field Segment Manager, explains the measures we take to provide the ultimate customer journey – from free site visits through to customised pallet configurations.

Make Bürkert your preferred supplier

Bürkert products are phased out and replaced with new products on a regular basis. It could be as basic as a range of new materials through to brand-new electronics. Therefore, to be able to get on site and offer customers free site surveys to keep them informed is really quite valuable to us. We can look at competitor products and suggest cost-saving alternatives. We can improve accuracy and hygiene, and reduce pressure drops, for example.

We’re doing a lot of this work in conjunction with purchasing houses and integrators. We can provide them with savings, not just on product costs but also through efficiency gains. We’ll go to their end users and recommend ways to improve their efficiencies and save money in the long-run.

Bürkert free site visits

When it comes to delivering free site visits, we’ll often carry these out alongside a purchasing house’s engineering team. We’ll walk the line and provide a report of our findings. Some of our competitors might charge for this sort of service. However, the clear advantage that Bürkert has in these cases is our extensive selection of products, which enables us to offer a complete solution.

Somebody who just manufactures ball and butterfly valves wouldn’t bother to offer a free site visit because their products are only used in a very small area within the factory. Whereas, Bürkert products are likely to be used from start to finish on some processing lines. Which is why we offer free site visits anywhere in the UK and Ireland. We may come away and say that everything is fine. But it gives us an opportunity in the future if they do encounter any problems.

Bürkert free steam training

Bürkert has also delivered free steam training in the past for site engineers, customers and distributors to give them a much better understanding of steam. That includes the dangers of steam and how to specify a steam line. Steam’s quite expensive to generate, so our training is about making sure you have everything specified as best you can. We don’t just focus on Bürkert products but also the competitors, such as steam traps – which we don’t do.

We can also package our products according to the customer’s specific requirements to streamline the whole installation and stock management process. A recent project we delivered saved the customer an awful lot of money because we were able to package their valves according to their manufacturing requirements.

All the different valves were packaged in a box for a particular vessel. When the engineers got on site, all they needed to do was match the vessel to the right box. In that box was everything that they needed in terms of the valves and sensors for that particular vessel. They saw that as a huge benefit.

Therefore, Bürkert can truly offer a full cradle-to-grave service; from the initial free site visit through to individualised pallet configurations. We truly go the extra mile, leaving no stone unturned, to give our customers the best possible experience.

For more information about Bürkert’s free site visits, or to discuss our wider products and services in more detail, please contact our sales team today on +44 (0) 1285 648 720 or email

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