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Bürkert’s virtual plant for the Food and Beverage industry

Food and beverage applications demand the utmost standards of instrument performance and networkability for the accurate control and measurement of liquids and gases. Equipment needs to interface smoothly, and your mechanical process connectivity must strike the balance of delivering optimal plant performance and process security with maintaining the highest standards of hygiene. Bürkert has modelled a virtual F&B plant to demonstrate exactly how we can help you achieve your goals.

Bürkert has developed complete flow control loop systems that deliver unsurpassed total performance. Our products and systems provide proven reliability, superior accuracy and virtually maintenance free service. Which, after all, are vital criteria in food and beverage automation applications.

Systemhaus approach for the food and beverage industry

Bürkert’s Systemhaus approach provides customer-specific services and bespoke products for a range of industries. We can deliver the perfect technical solution thanks to our wide-ranging industry and application expertise. In the case of the food and beverage industry, our technical experts have an in-depth and innate understanding of your particular requirements.

As such, we’ve modelled a virtual food and beverage plant to demonstrate how we can help you to attain high process yield, maximum cleanability, full automation visibility and optimum process flexibility.

Food and beverage plant processes 

With our many years of experience working directly with food and beverage companies, we are profoundly aware of your specific requirements. We know, for example, that compactness, smart communications, plant footprints, cleaning and sterilisation, dead legs, cross-contamination and validation are all recurring concerns. Partnering with Bürkert can unlock unlimited process modularity, which not only addresses these issues but also can also increase your process efficiency and yields.

Within the virtual plant, Bürkert instrumentation can have a positive impact on the following food and beverage processes.


Our unlimited modularity saves on valuable plant space and worries of dead legs and cross contamination. Less welding equals less validation, and our patented designs provide faster crossover times, higher process efficiencies and higher yields.

Heat Exchange

Our control solutions offer ease of use, fast reaction times and a reduced footprint for a variety of heat exchange applications. Our technology is designed to work with you to find the best results, whether that be for pasteuriser control through to the autoclaving of canned food.


Our dedication to innovation means we understand batching and continuous heating processes. Our experience in process loops, communication and integrated PID means we are the smart choice for fluid control systems.


Supreme process safety is evident in our components for fermenter gas control, pH and pressure monitoring. The same high standards go into our modular fieldbus solutions, which are used to join individual reactors into coordinated processes.

Food and beverage automation support

Bürkert can also support with critical food and beverage automation processes, such as the controlled batching and filling of ingredients and the effective cleaning and sterilisation of the direct contact process elements and finished media.

Essential for upstream integrity and overall plant performance, these applications require strict control – albeit with a certain degree of flexibility. Bürkert instrumentation supports these ideals with enhanced plant life cycle and availability, high integrity and – ultimately – owner satisfaction.

We can support the following critical processes, modelled within our virtual plant.


Our stable and rugged components are designed for harsh CIP/SIP shifts from acid to base and for the demands of washdown. Your pH, conductivity, pressure and flow are all important. So, you can have full confidence that Bürkert adhere to the safest CIP parameters.

Sterilisers and Autoclaves

Our hardworking valve and sensor elements can be found in sterilizers and process autoclaves in pilot laboratories, food plants and breweries around the globe. We take time to understand your process requirements, delivering accurate and safe solutions time and again.


Whether you are filling portion packages, cartons, bags or kegs, we can support long, high volume production runs at lower operating costs. Whether for the cost-driven innovation of a new machine, or boosting production on your filling floor, we are here to help.


We have batched food ingredients such as cookie mix, flavours and fragrances, cocoa butter ingredients, liquid flour, and syrups with whole fruit pieces. Only the right ingredients count for the right taste and texture, and Bürkert has the right blend of instrumentation ingredients to keep your batching applications on track.

For more information about our food and beverage specific instrumentation and components, please contact our sales team today on +44 (0) 1285 648 720 or email to discuss your specific

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