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Bürkert media separated solenoid valves

Bürkert has developed an extensive portfolio of media separated solenoid valves, which have been specially designed to perform at their best in challenging applications involving the control of aggressive media. Among our market leading range of media separated valves are the Type 2610, Type 0131 and Type 5282.

Media separated solenoid valves

Media separated solenoid valves are designed for transporting corrosive or ultra-pure fluids. A media separated valve functions via a membrane that enables the medium to be separated from the operating part of the valve, while maintaining a minimum dead volume. The membrane and valve body are highly resistant to chemical corrosion and can be easily opened for cleaning.

Media separated valve advantages


The Type 2610 media separated solenoid valve delivers optimal performance within a broad range of extreme media temperatures, from –200 °C through to high temperatures of +180 °C. This is because the coil and body are separated from each other by a metal bellows system, which prevents condensation between the fluid element and the coil, as well as excessive heating or freezing of the coil. The energy saving ‘Kick and Drop’ electronics support the opening of the valve and reduce the current to holding power directly after opening.


The Type 0131 media separated valve also employs 'Kick and drop' electronics, which are moulded into all DC variants for reduced electrical power consumption. This particular valve also includes an optional electric feedback function that reliably detects the switching position. In combination with a plug – in accordance with DIN EN 17301-803 Form A – the Type 0131 (and servo-assisted Type 5282 diaphragm valve) satisfies protection class IP65.


The Type 5282 media separated solenoid valve’s coils are available with electronic power reduction, promising further energy savings. The standard brass housing satisfies all European drinking water requirements, while the solenoid coils are moulded with a chemically resistant epoxy (as are those of the Type 0131). The 5282 is equipped with manual override for commissioning and testing, and the 3/2-way pilot valve can be easily converted from an NC to NO functioning principle by rotating it on the main seat.

Media separated valve applications

The Type 2610 2/2-way media separated valve’s high-resistance body and seal materials, including stainless steel and PTFE, enable use in critical chemical applications. Thanks to the diaphragm-separation between actuator and fluid body, the Type 0131 is suitable for applications that require the safe control of aggressive media, such as acids and alkaline solutions.

The Type 5282 solenoid valve’s internal configuration, which isolates media from the magnetic drive, makes it considerably more suitable for challenging applications than other solenoid valves. They are therefore commonly specified in media separated valve applications involving aggressive media or particulate contamination.

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