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A guide to the Bürkert eShop

Bürkert’s eShop has been live for over two years. The website features an integrated product and application area, extensive stock of products online and a contemporary design. The eShop has been designed to ensure customers receive an efficient online shopping experience. Here, Bürkert answer frequently asked questions and outline the benefits of the Bürkert online shop.

Benefits of the Bürkert eShop

At Bürkert, we have tried our hardest to ensure the online ordering process is as simple and as efficient as possible. One of the main benefits of the Bürkert online shop, is the easy online order form, which makes the order process quick and efficient. The Bürkert eShop also stocks a wide range of products, suitable for all fluid control applications. Below are just some frequently asked questions about our online store:

Where to find Bürkert’s online shop

Finding the online store is easy. Simply head to our website,, and click to view a product range. If you already know the product range that you want to view, you can navigate to view the products by using the search function or alternatively you can use the ‘Products & Applications’ tab on the navigation bar. From here, click into any product list on the website that you are looking to purchase. This will then allow you to view the products, compare prices and add to your basket.

How to register for Bürkert online shopping

Depending on whether you are an existing or new customer and whether you have previously purchased from Bürkert, there are multiple ways you can register for the online shop. For existing users, if you have previously used the Bürkert Service Portal, you will be able to log-in with your email address and password.

New users who are existing customers and new users who have never purchased from Bürkert before will be able to create a new account. When you are asked to fill in your customer number, existing customers will find this on their invoice. Those that don’t have an invoice will be required to open a trading account. We will then contact you, within 24 hours on business days.

How to find spare and wear parts?

Another of the benefits of Bürkert’s online shop is the ability to purchase spare products. This is easy to do, simply visit the ‘spare and wear parts’ page using the navigation bar and follow the instructions.

I would like further information about a Bürkert product – where would I find this?

Bürkert provide product data sheets, available for download from the Bürkert website. In order to find the product datasheet you require, simply type the product type or number into the search function. Here, you can filter by ‘Downloads’ or ‘Type Detail Page’ and will find the download section, which includes related documents for your product.

Where can I find approvals for Bürkert products?

Approvals of certified products can be found on the website, under the category for the relevant institution.

Where can I find communicator software on the Bürkert website

Type in the communicator-supported Bürkert type in the search function and enter type-detail page. Here, there is a download section where you will find Communicator-software for your product.

What are Bürkert’s product return policies?

Bürkert values the business and support of customers and therefore provides the opportunity to return Faulty or Damaged product. Bürkert will accept responsibility and give full credit if:

  • A fault has occurred due to the manufacture of the product.
  • The product has been damaged during (Bürkert carrier) transit.
  • The product is within the warranty period offered by Bürkert.

Bürkert UK will only provide a test report for any returned faulty product where the item has originated from our distribution channel.

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