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Type 8756 – MFM/MFC with Coriolis sensor for liquids

Because of the Coriolis principle, Type 8756 is suitable for a variety of applications in different industries. Discover more about the advantages.

The Coriolis-MFC/MFM Type 8756 is a compact, robust multi-parameter device that can reliably and repeatably measure, regulate or dispense even the smallest quantities of liquid thanks to the high measurement/setting range.

The linchpin is the Coriolis sensor with pipe diameter DN1.

Variants of the Mass Flow Meter and Mass Flow Controller

Type 8756 is available in the following variants:

  • Flowmeter (MFM)
  • Flow controller (MFC)
    • With interface for a modular actuator*
    • With integrated proportional valve (new)
    • With integrated micro annular ring pump
  • Batch controller (new)
    • With interface for a modular actuator*
    • With integrated solenoid valve

*The pressure range for variants MFM and MFC with modular actuator is up to 100 bar. (new)

The Coriolis flowmeter

Type 8756 utilises the Coriolis measurement principle. Contrary to the volumetric flow measurement of Liquid Flor Controllers (LFC), the MFM/MFC with Coriolis sensor measures the mass flow.

How does the Coriolis measurement principle work?

An excitation coil oscillates a measurement tube. If a liquid flows through the high-frequency oscillating measurement tube, the Coriolis force acts on the medium and causes a change in the tube oscillation.

This change is referred to as phase shift and describes the difference in the tube displacement between the beginning and end of the tube. The phase displacement depends on the mass flow of the medium and behaves directly proportional to it.

With the aid of sensors, the tube oscillations are continuously recorded and electronically evaluated.

The benefits of our Coriolis measuring device for liquids

Due to the sophisticated design and high excitation frequency of the sensor, the device is not sensitive to vibrations. Furthermore, there are no moving parts in the medium. Type 8756 is thus particularly durable for media and is suitable for fluids with a high density and a viscosity of up to 200 mPas. The sensor can also be calibrated with water, regardless of the use case.

Because of these characteristics, Type 8756 can be used in various industries, such as pharmaceuticals and biotech, foodstuffs and semi-luxury goods, thin-film coating, fuel cells, electrolysers and batteries, or chemical process technology.

The benefits of using our Coriolis flowmeter Type 8756

✓ Direct measurement of mass, density and temperature
✓ Indirect measurement (calculation) of volume and concentration
✓ Device calibration regardless of medium
✓ Extremely stable, long-term zero point
✓ Large measurement range
✓ No inlet/outlet sections required

Type 8756 with batch functionality

Along with the variants for continuous flow measurement/regulation, Type 8756 is also available in a variant with integrated batch controller.

The dispensing and filling of liquids require the utmost precision and a reliable process. Only then can quality fluctuations be prevented.

Thanks to the integrated batch controller, Type 8756 ensures stable dosing regardless of fluctuations in temperature or pressure. The mass flow controller/meter offers a dosing accuracy of ~0.3% of the measured value. In addition, each individual dosing is documented, ensuring efficient monitoring and reproducibility in your process.

Type 8756

Mass flow controller (MFC)/mass flow meter (MFM) for liquids

Type 8756
  • Flow measurement/control up to 120 kg/h
  • Very high accuracy and measuring range
  • High long-term stability, no zero-point adjustment necessary
  • Highly resistant wetted materials
  • Suitable for numerous liquids