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Specialised solenoid valves for hydrogen fuel cells

Providing dedicated solutions for hydrogen fuel cell systems, we have launched our new Type 6440 safety shut-off and Type 6020 proportional control valves. Specialised for use with hydrogen, both valves are ready-made for the decarbonisation of stationary power, automotive and transport applications.

Transforming Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

Bürkert’s latest advancements in hydrogen fuel cell technology are on full display with the Type 6440 Safety Shut-Off and Type 6020 Proportional Control valves. Designed specifically for hydrogen applications, these valves mark a major step forward in helping decarbonise the stationary power, automotive, and transportation sectors.

Specialised for Hydrogen Applications
Our new valves offer specialist performance in a standardised product. With a 316 stainless steel body, they are engineered to combat the risks caused by hydrogen embrittlement, ensuring durability and reliability.

Reduced Leak Rate
The advanced design minimises the risk of hydrogen leakage, ensuring both safety and optimal performance. This feature is critical in maintaining the integrity and reliability of hydrogen applications.

Higher Operational Pressure Range
Our valves are engineered to operate at higher pressures, expanding their compatibility with a wider range of applications. This means they can be used in various sectors, including stationary power, mobile fuel cells for transport applications and test benches for system development. automotive, and transport.

Improved Versatility
Designed to support both proton exchange membrane  and alkaline fuel cells, our valves accommodate systems with either active or passive recirculation loops. This ensures that regardless of the fuel cell technology you employ, our solutions will enhance its performance and reliability.

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Innovative solutions for a clean future with hydrogenInnovative solutions for a clean future with hydrogen

Hydrogen is of great significance as an energy source on the way to climate change: it is carbon-free and can therefore support the urgent need for decarbonisation - especially if it is manufactured from renewable energies. However, for economical generation and usage of green hydrogen, safe, low-maintenance and, above all, efficient plants and systems are needed in order to obtain as high a degree of efficiency as possible.