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Need a certificate? Check the box!

Did you know you can immediately order the right certificate for your article in the Bürkert eShop?

For example, you need a certificate...

  • for parameterising your orbital welding system,
  • for verifying and validating your plant,
  • as project documentation and references for your customers,
  • to ensure the appropriate traceability of your components and plant parts,
  • or perhaps for another application situation?

In order to avoid dealing with this topic again after ordering, we’re reminding you now while you select articles in the Bürkert eShop.

After you’ve found the article you’re looking for – e.g. using the navigation or the product filter – you can add the matching certificates directly below the quantity selection on the article page.

If a certificate is already included by default in the item selection then it is marked accordingly. This is not listed separately in the shopping basket because it belongs to the article.

You can select further certificates and edit the ones that have already been added:

All available and standard documents are clearly listed in a pop-up and can be added with a click – simply tick the ✓ box and you're done:

After making the appropriate selection, place your item in the shopping cart. The certificates are automatically added to your order and are then visible in the shopping cart.

We offer the following certificates, among others:

  • Acceptance Certificate 3.1 EN10204 in various versions
  • Factory Certificate 2.1 EN10240 and 2.2 Factory Certificate EN10240
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Certificates of Origin
  • Manufacturer’ declarations

Save time and money. No more follow-up requests for certificates!


You want to try out the function directly? Try it with the process valve, like the diaphragm valve Type 2031: