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Media supply unit provides filtration and pressure control for air and water

We've launched a water and gas intake control unit that provides filtration and pressure control of the intake media. 

The new Type 5110 Media Supply Unit is ideally suited for dental care machines, and the compact unit also provides advantages for wider applications that require water and air intake with filtration as well as onward pressure and flow control. Bürkert’s new control unit achieves globally recognised compliance, and the modular system enables fast and simple design integration. The Type 5110 can also be scaled up by integrating multiple units for larger-scale applications.

The new Type 5110 unit has been designed for applications that depend on the stable supply of filtered air or water, or both media combined. Bürkert’s device controls the intake of the media and applies precise outlet pressure and flow control for the corresponding module in the host machine. 

The Type 5110 is able to handle inlet air pressure between 4.5 to 8 bar, and precisely controls outlet air pressure between 3 and 5.5 bar. Meanwhile, handling inlet water pressure between 2 and 6 bar, the unit can adjust outlet water pressure between 1.5 and 3 bar. It  can also process two different pressures within one system, and water and air can be switched individually. Meanwhile, the Type 5110 unit achieves <50 μm air filtration and <100 μm water filtration. 


Designed to minimise the time and cost of development for OEMs, the Type 5110 Media Supply Unit is a standardised system. Units can be stacked or installed inline, and multiple units can be integrated together for easy upscaling. To enhance design integration for OEMs, the Type 5110 unit is highly compact. Meanwhile, to speed up commissioning, the system is plug-and-play ready. The media supply unit arrives tested and is ready to use immediately, and the device meets conformance including the German drinking water standard, FDA compliance, and ISO 7494/2 – 2015. 

With all components including filtration and pressure control within a single unit, this reduces the demand on OEM procurement. This approach also speeds up time to market compared to the design and test requirements of creating a system with individual components. 

For machine end users, the Type 5110 is fast and simple to maintain, requiring only a regular filter change. The device is also flexible in use and is resistant to neutral liquids and gases. The Bürkert system also provides users with increased reliability compared to using single components with fitted hoses, as the Type 5110 significantly reduces the number of potential leakage sites. Low-wear, durable single components also extend system lifetime. 

The full integration specification of the Type 5110 Media Supply Unit can be found here


Type 5110

Media Supply Unit

Type 5110
  • Compact and modular system
  • Simple maintenance
  • Integrated filter
  • Media can be controlled individually and precisely
  • Easy to scale and can be lined up or stacked in any order