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Increased pressure and temperature range for seat valves

Whether for clean-in-place processes, for cooling during aluminium extrusion or for temperature control technology - our proven Bürkert seat valves are now also proving their durability and flexibility up to temperatures of 230°C and operating pressures of up to 25 bar.

Ideal for high pressures & temperatures

Our seat valves are ideal for gases, liquids and steam. Thanks to an optimised sealing system, the valves can now be switched not only at higher pressures, but also at higher temperatures.

Extended range of applications for Bürkert seat valves

              Max. Media temperature                            Max. Media temperature                           Max. Operating pressure

Veränderung Betriebsdruck Medientemperatur

               Steam & neutral gases                                      Hot water

Simplified illustration: The actual values depend on the drive force, product type and DN

  • Maximum operating pressure of 25 bar(g)
  • Maximum media temperature of 230 °C for steam and neutral gases
  • Maximum media temperature of 200 °C for hot water

Extremely durable and resilient thanks to optimised seal design

Hot water version

The hot water version was specially developed for temperature control technology. Pressurised water of up to 200°C is used there. This means the toughest operating conditions for our seat valves, since limescale deposits lead to increased wear. The special sealing concept ensures a particularly long service life even under these demanding conditions. In our tests, the valves were able to achieve over one million valve operations at 200°C and a pressure of 16 bar(g).


High-temperature version

The high-temperature version was also convincing in the test with steam, at a temperature of up to 230 °C, with more than one million valve switching operations.

Bürkert-Prozessventile im Dampf-Test bei der Technischen Universität Dresden

Bürkert process valves in the steam test of the teaching and experimental power plant at the Zentrum für Energietechnik (ZET) of the Technical University of Dresden

Low maintenance

Seat valves are preferred over cheaper rotary valves due to their long service life.
Thanks to the new pressure and temperature ranges, our seat valves are now the ideal companion for demanding applications in which ball valves or butterfly valves have mainly been used up to now.

The advantage: The devices or seals need to be replaced only rarely, which not only reduces the maintenance effort, but also the total cost of ownership.

Your benefits from using our seat valves at a glance

✓ Wide range of on/off, control, electric motor or pneumatically operated valves up to 230°C and 25 bar(g)
✓ Versatile in use: Suitable for water, steam, neutral gases, cleaning media and coolants
✓ Long service life: Over one million valve operations at 200°C hot water and 230°C steam