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We need to talk – communication on all channels

Communication plays a central role in life and is of course a requirement for functioning business relationships. We often believe we “speak the same language” but news and messages are often interpreted and processed differently. At Bürkert we want to properly understand your concerns in order to work out solutions together.

Just like you do when developing your own individual projects, we want you to be able to rely on effective collaboration in your communications efforts. We meet you on an equal footing and place great importance on a trusting exchange. Only those who “speak the same language” and “understand each other” can achieve goals together.

We are here for you!

The age of digitalisation has a huge impact on communication, not least in everyday work. You can communicate with Bürkert through a variety of channels. This does not exclude personal contact at all – the choice of contact is yours:

 Written enquiry

Product and purchase advice by telephone

Technical inquiries support

Your customer portal My Bürkert

You can find your direct personal contact on the “My Bürkert” customer portal. If you need information and documents about your orders and offers outside of our business hours you can find them in the respective areas on My Bürkert. The following short video provides you with an overview of the various functions of the Bürkert customer portal:

Sign up to enjoy the digital benefits without sacrificing personal contact:

Are you active worldwide and looking for local contacts for Bürkert?

With our worldwide locations we are always close to you — feel free to contact our local offices:

Do you also prefer digital order processes?

Our eShop is available 24/7:

We want to hear your opinion

Your feedback and our control valves have more in common than you think: The flow should not be interrupted and it should arrive at the right destination. The dosage is up to you;)

Simply use one of the Bürkert communication channels or our feedback form to keep us all in a continuous and constructive conversation: