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Type 8098 FLOWave S – compact flowmeter presented

SAW flow measurement with the smallest dimensions thanks to FLOWave S.

Typ 8098 FLOWave S auf grauem Hintergrund

Encouraged by past success, the FLOWave family is growing, as is the choice of the ideal SAW sensor for your application.

In addition to the variant equipped with a display, our SAW flow sensor is now also available as the compact variant FLOWave S with an all-stainless steel design.

Why is FLOWave S the ideal flowmeter?

FLOWave S offers greater savings potential compared to conventional flow sensors, especially if you want to install several flowmeters in your plant.

Robust & easy to clean thanks to the all-stainless steel design

Thanks to the new transmitter design, FLOWave S is also particularly resistant to mechanical or external influences, such as vibrations and cleaning media. This makes it especially suitable for applications where hygiene and ease of cleanability are essential and where less installation space is available.

How are flow measurements based on the SAW principle carried out?

Funktionsweise Messprinzip SAW im Querschnitt

SAW stands for “Surface Acoustic Waves”. The flow is measured by means of the time differences of surface acoustic waves, which means that no sensor elements are required in the measurement tube.

Measurement of flow, density factor & acoustic transmission factor in one device

In addition to a pure flow measurement, FLOWave also offers the measurement variables “density factor” and “acoustic transmission factor” (ATF). For example, the sensor can differentiate between liquid changeovers, measure the protein content and detect gas bubbles in the medium.

The advantages of FLOWave S at a glance

✓ Less space required thanks to the compact transmitter
✓ Robust & easy to clean thanks to the all-stainless steel design
✓ Compact plant design possible

Discover more about how you can optimise flow measurements in your plant with our Type 8098 FLOWave S.