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New communication interfaces for our positioners & process controllers

Our positioners in the ELEMENT TopControl (8692/8693) and process controllers in the SideControl (8792/8793) versions are now available with Industrial Ethernet and büS interface.

Industrial Ethernet and büS interface for positioner & process controller

Whether for the supply of fuel gases, plant cleaning using CIP processes or automation - our positioners and process controllers ELEMENT TopControl and SideControl Types 8692 / 8693 and 8792 / 8793 are suitable for various applications thanks to numerous communication interfaces.

Previously, additional gateway solutions from the fieldbus level to Industrial Ethernet were necessary and common. However, these are being replaced by Industrial Ethernet interfaces increasingly.

About 25% of industrial Ethernet nodes are based on EtherNet/IP according to ODVA. Therefore, our positioners and process controllers in ELEMENT TopControl and SideControl versions are now also available with EtherNet/IP, PROFINET and Modbus TCP.

Your advantages due to Industrial Ethernet positioner & process controller

✓ Simple commissioning & expansion thanks to direct control level connection
✓ Increased failure and process reliability
✓ Improved remote access & diagnostic capabilities through quick digital data exchange

The new Industrial Ethernet interfaces enable direct connection to the PLC completely without additional gateways. This considerably simplifies the commissioning of the positioners and process controllers. This is because they can be flexibly wired by setting up star, line and ring topologies with the aid of the two-port switch.

The solution also saves costs by eliminating the need for expensive multiport switches. Together with the supporting functions MRP and DLR, the reliability of the communication can be increased and thus the operational safety can be enhanced.

Connectivity for every occasion

In addition to the new Industrial Ethernet version, the positioners and process controllers continue to be available as PROFIBUS DP-V1 and DeviceNet variants as well as with the Bürkert system bus interface (büS). The büS version simplifies the integration of Bürkert products into industrial networks. All new versions can be configured and parameterized directly with the Bürkert Communicator via the büS interface.

So what are you waiting for? Select the appropriate communication protocol for your positioner (ELEMENT TopControl 8692/SideControl 8792) or process controller (ELEMENT TopControl 8693/SideControl 8793) in our product filter now.