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My favourite Bürkert product

This week our Account Manager for the North East; Steve Watters, talks about one of his favourite Bürkert products; the modulating control valve Type 8802 and why he is such a fan of this particular product.

The fully integrated system with control valve and automation system has a compact and smooth design, integrated pneumatic lines, IP65/67/NEMA 4X protection class and superior chemical resistance.

The modulating control valve Type 8802 consists of a Type 2301 ELEMENT globe valve and a Type 8793 side mounted controller. It’s great because it performs a process that is clearly definable and measurable and is easy to associate with. It is very easy to set up with the X-tune feature plus has lots of adjustable features to allow fine tuning to a specific need. It can be set up as a standalone controller to maintain a process set point.

To see a short video I did about the Type 8793 side mounted controller please click here

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