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My favourite Bürkert product

This week our account manager for the North West Clive Halliday, talks about Bürkert Type 330 Pivoted Armature Solenoid Valves and explains why it is his favourite Bürkert product.

“You cannot beat a classic design that, even decades later, is still providing solutions for very demanding applications. This valve has exceptional longevity and includes a media separated design before the phrase was even thought of!

Arduous conditions, aggressive media, hazardous area conditions, wet & submerged conditions. This valve often has a version to suit. Single inline valve or manifold mounted. A favoured feature is an override button that can be replaced with a proximity switch to provide position feedback.

In summary this valves includes;


  • Pivoted Armature Design
  • Encapsulated Epoxy Design
  • Manual Override Standard
  • Manifold Capability


  • Plunger-less design-Eliminate Sticking
  • Isolated design for aggressive media
  • Long Life cycle even in non-lube conditions
  • Cooler Coil for higher ambient temperatures & long life
  • Standard feature for overriding position with loss of power
  • Multiple valve configurations on single body

Mr. Bürkert got it right first time and inspired valve design for this millennia”.

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