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My favourite Bürkert product / Type 2034 - Machined Block Bodies

This week our UK & Ireland field segment manager for hygienic - Pharmaceutical, Ian Webster, talks about Bürkert Type 2034 Machined Block Bodies and explains why it is his favourite Bürkert product.

'The Bürkert Type 2034 - Machined Block Bodies are great as they offer you one source provider for all your machined valve needs. Their improved flexibility for design as well as design modifications makes them perfect for a variety of hygienic applications, such as distribution and control of sterile products with cleaning and sterilization fluids where internal and dead volumes need to be kept to an absolute minimum. As aseptic products become ever more valuable wastage becomes extremely expensive. The 2034 provides a combination of actuation and control in the same block body which reduces losses and increases profitability. The 2034 is available with custom configurations and multi-weir design, this Bürkert product is nothing less than an industry leading solution to your process control needs'.

- Ian Webster, Bürkert UK & Ireland field Segment Manager .hygienic – Pharmaceutical.

To request more information on our Type 2034 - Machined Block Bodies, please contact us on +44 1285 648 720, email or fill in the form below.



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