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Industrial Ethernet Interface for Mass Flow Controller & MFM

Seamless integration due to new connectivity options for our Mass Flow Controller and Mass Flow Meter Types 8741 and 8745

2 MFCs on a grey background with different nodes

As a result of digitization, the demand for automated machines and plants with intelligent field devices is increasing. Industrial Ethernet often forms the basis for a consistent and cross-departmental network infrastructure. For example, the gas flow should be measured and regulated fully automatically while transferring data via Industrial Ethernet.

So far, however, the connection of our mass flow meters (MFM) and mass flow controllers (MFC) to Industrial Ethernet was only possible with signal converters, such as the ME43 fieldbus gateway.

Mass flow meter & mass flow controller with integrated Industrial Ethernet Switch

To ensure seamless integration into your network, the MFC / MFM Types 8741 and 8745 are now available as Industrial Ethernet versions. All standard industrial communication protocols are supported, such as PROFINET, EtherNet / IP, EtherCAT or Modbus TCP.

Thanks to the built-in interface, you can connect the devices directly and flexibly to higher-level programmable logic controllers (PLCs). This simplifies commissioning and cabling as no additional sub-bus systems or fieldbus gateways are required. This enables direct and uncomplicated access to the field devices.

MFC/MFM connected to PLC

Your Benefits of Mass Flow Controller / Meter with Industrial Ethernet

✓ Easy commissioning and cabling of field devices
✓ No additional sub-bus systems / gateways required
✓ Easy maintenance due to direct access from the control level to field devices
✓ Full diagnostic functionality for plant / machine monitoring
✓ No proprietary software tools necessary

Select a suitable mfc with industrial ethernet now!

The right interface for every occasion

In addition to the new Industrial Ethernet version, the MFCs / MFMs continue to be available as büS / CANopen versions as well as with analogue interfaces. The mass flow controllers are suitable for a variety of applications thanks to the large number of communication interfaces and the coverage of a wide flow and pressure range.

So what are you waiting for? Select the right MFC/MFM for your situation now!