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Durable, silent and energy-saving - Valves with Kick and Drop electronics

We include solutions with double coils and Kick and Drop electronics in its solenoid valve range. These devices stand out not only due to their silent operation, but also because they meet the strictest requirements as regards electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

In the Kick and Drop (KD) electronics, the coil is initially overexcited by a high voltage pulse to generate the high starting power required to open the valve. After a few milliseconds, the electronics switch to an energy-saving holding power, thus drastically reducing power consumption. Thanks to the low power consumption, the max. self-heating of the valve is lower, which minimises the build-up of deposits and calcification and substantially extends the valve’s service life. Unlike the control units with pulse-width modulation (PWM) that are normally used, KD electronics do not emit noises that are disturbing to humans and animals.