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Dealing with multiple process control suppliers?

We understand that you need to differentiate yourself from the market, but in reality whilst balancing costs and design demands. Whatever your key drivers; throughput, reliability, speed, precision, our unique solutions can help you exceed your targets.

Design and development service from Bürkert

Dealing with multiple suppliers for all your equipment needs can be a challenge. Sometime it is a case of sticking with "better the devil you know". But, there is another way.

Imagine dealing with one process control supplier, with technology you trust, at the right price, right specification and flexible stock arrangements to suit you?

Bürkert has a vast product range from solenoid valves to sensors plus system solutions to offer you the following; 

  • Co-developments of system technology including tools, moulded parts, electropolishing, sensor technology, valves and control electronics
  • A dedicated team of engineering experts to re-design space envelopes, flow paths, circuit boards for your unique solution
  • CAD drawings, 3D modeling, prototypes and samples available, in some cases delivered within 24 hours
  • Integrated, pre-tested, pre-assembled systems including injection molded parts and manifolds if desired, fully traceable through our customer orientated website & portal
  • A solution which interfaces with your equipment onto your mounting body to bring you peace of mind
Machining and Injection Moulding at Burkert


Altogether, Bürkert's fast, flexible and reactive service (even with the most challenging applications) will reduce your overall build time, improve stock efficiency and costs.

Proven reliability, superior accuracy and virtually maintenance-free service ensure Bürkert's systems deliver an unsurpassed total performance every time.

Simple traditional on-off control is no longer enough if you want to provide your clients with their desired quality. We understand your challenges; by working together, we can overcome the hurdles towards greater productivity.

Whatever your challenge, call us on +44 1285 648 720 or drop an email to

We are more than just a solenoid valve...

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