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Bürkert @ ACHEMA Pulse

Keep your finger on the pulse of the process industry with us: With the digital ACHEMA event for plant engineers and users from industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotech and fine chemicals. In our live program and workshops, we present fluidics and automation solutions that create added value for you.

For everything that flows, we are your contact. Because „We make ideas flow“ is more than a motto for us. Exchange ideas with us: In live streams and workshops, in expert chat or in a 1:1 video call. 

We look forward to your virtual visit: Live Stream / June 15 / 12:30 p.m. (CET)

Our Live Programm at a glance:

We are looking forward to your visit and interesting conversations with you.

Create your own profile on the ACHEMA Pulse Platform and register directly for free participation in our live program. The number of participants for the workshops is limited, so please use the direct links and register as soon as possible:

Matching product and system solutions to selected applications at ACHEMA Pulse 2021

With your fluidic challenges in mind, we have selected a range of applications for you. To ensure the safety and efficiency of your processes and machines at all times, our experts develop solutions tailored to your needs. Learn more about the selected application examples and the added value we create for you on the individual websites.

Precise media separation in liquid chromatographyPrecise media separation in liquid chromatography

For you as a pharmaceutical products manufacturer, production processes must be robust, efficient and safe. The aim is to reduce plant downtimes as effectively as possible and to process your valuable raw materials with as little residue and cross-contamination as possible.

Find out here how Bürkert can support you with energy-efficient valves and demand-oriented automation concepts for safe and smooth production, for example in liquid chromatography or high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

Precise hydrogen peroxide dosage in chemical disinfectionPrecise hydrogen peroxide dosage in chemical disinfection

It is crucial to exclude contamination during the production of pharmaceutical products. Chemical disinfection processes play an important role in this regard. But how do you dose the disinfectant correctly, ensuring the disinfection process runs efficiently and reliably? And how do you monitor and document the process in view of increasingly strict hygiene regulations? Discover how Bürkert can help you achieve reliable and efficient chemical disinfection.

Ensure the quality of your pharmaceutical product with the help of optimum flow measurements in ultrapure water and Clean in Place applicationsEnsure the quality of your pharmaceutical product with the help of optimum flow measurements in ultrapure water and Clean in Place applications

In pharmaceutical production, safe processes are the key to guaranteeing safe drugs. Bürkert’s innovative FLOWave flowmeter helps you meet hygienic safety standards while increasing productivity in Clean in Place and ultrapure water applications.

Automated fluidics solutions for machines in the pharmaceutical industryAutomated fluidics solutions for machines in the pharmaceutical industry

Developing, producing and installing machines for sterile environments requires a wealth of specialist knowledge, for example in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. You are faced with the challenge of meeting the very high quality standards of the pharmaceutical industry and at the same time effectively managing your own company.

Find out how Bürkert can support you in all project phases and develop automation solutions for you that offer your customer real added value – even in international projects.