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Automated process water & drinking water analysis on site

Water as our most important resource must be hygienically available to industries and households. This requires continuous and reliable analysis.

Measurement of water parameters - simple, modular and precise

Monitoring plays an essential role in the water treatment process. The quality of groundwater is declining more and more in many places. This is due to increasing contamination caused, for example, by drug or pesticide residues, which make it increasingly difficult for waterworks to process the water into drinking water.

In addition, there are legal regulations that prescribe certain measurements at fixed intervals. For example, the pH value or the turbidity of the raw water must be checked regularly. Various treatment processes are then applied, e.g. the addition of flocculants or the use of chlorine, chlorine dioxide, UV or ozone for disinfection. Here, too, quality monitoring is necessary to guarantee compliance with the limit values.

The measurement of various water parameters, such as turbidity, free chlorine, chlorine dioxide, pH value, conductivity or ORP/Redox potential - provides information about your water quality. Here you can find out what these parameters mean and how our online analysis system 8905 can support you in measuring important water parameters: