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10 reasons to choose Bürkert FLOWave

The Bürkert FLOWave flow sensor offers unparalleled standards of fluid flow measurement. Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology delivers accurate and reliable measurements. While the all stainless steel body, featuring a measurement tube devoid of any components whatsoever, is perfect for hygienic applications and promises zero dead spaces or pressure drops, no leakage and eradicates any maintenance requirements.

At Bürkert, we are incredibly excited about the new levels of flow measurement accuracy, reliability and hygiene that we have achieved with our FLOWave surface acoustic waves sensor. There are many reasons that we are excited by this innovation. Here are 10 of the best reasons to choose the Bürkert FLOWave.

1. Compact and lightweight – The compact design and low weight of the Bürkert FLOWave offer an altogether lean system design, suitable for when space is at an absolute premium.

2. Surface Acoustic Wave technology – FLOWave’s Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology uses wave propagation, similar to that in seismic activities, for measurement. This means extremely reliable results, even in challenging hygienic applications.

3. Highest standards of hygiene – The transmitter, and the entire sensor (including measuring tube), fulfil the highest standards of hygiene, making FLOWave ideal for the pharmaceutical, food, beverage and cosmetic applications.

4. Zero components – There are no components inside FLOWave’s measurement tube, so the liquid only comes into contact with the stainless steel tube. As such, there are no constrictions or dead flow zones in the measuring tube.

5. Easy installation – Thanks to its compact, modular design, FLOWave offers easy installation. Sensor selection is also simplified, as it is mainly limited to the size of the tube and the required type of process connection.

6. Cost-efficient –  Because of this surface acoustic wave sensor’s minimal number of parts, it requires zero maintenance; offering increased cost savings over its operational life cycle.

7. No restrictions – FLOWave can be operated without restrictions in horizontal and vertical positions, and works with non-flowing liquids, producing fluid flow measurements even in minimal flow rates. Plant vibrations and magnetic or electric forces also do not affect measurements.

8. Industry 4.0 ready ­– The transmitter is based on our Efficient Device Integration Platform (EDIP), which has been designed specifically for Industry 4.0, and comprises numerous functions and cross-device user interfaces.

9. Precision measurementBürkert FLOWave measures volumetric flow rate to a precision of 0.4 % of reading. Furthermore, temperature measurement is included as standard, with a precision of £1°C. 

10. Flexible diameter sizes – FLOWave is offered in pipe diameters DN15, DN25, DN40 and DN50 with tube respectively clamp connections in accordance with ASME, ISO and SMS.

If you'd like to know, more visit our Type 8098 - FLOWave landing page, call us on +44 1285 648 720, email or fill in the form below.

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