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Networked thinking links people and ideas.

Since the company was established in 1946, we have been rooted in Ingelfingen. Today we are at home throughout the entire world, with locations in 36 countries and a clear standpoint: Without networked cooperation, nothing is possible!

That is why we at Bürkert take a holistic approach to tasks.

Process organisation is the key concept here. Our actions are defined not by thinking in terms of functions and departments, but rather the flow of different process steps, starting with the customer requirement through to customer satisfaction. We therefore develop our solutions in teamwork, learning from each other to achieve our goals together.

This approach dominates the workday at Bürkert and hence also the attitude of our employees. No one here has only a job. The complexity of the tasks means that we have to expand our horizon, take the initiative and accept responsibility – day after day anew.