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Customer care & feedback

Customer feedback & care is available on the Bürkert website for smoother, quicker administration.


It is straight forward to create a service report. You can send goods back with notification requesting any of the following;

- Cost estimate calibration

- Cost estimate retrofit

- Cost estimate repair

- Analysis and feedback

- Return (please see our returns policy attached below) over delivery

Burkert service


Once you have completed the step by step information, it will be reviewed and acknowledged by Bürkert. You will then be sent an email like the one shown below. This will have the Return Material Authorisation number (RMA) and also two attachments which are the declaration of contaminants and a label for the box that the items will be returned in.

Please note that no credit will be given where no fault has been found. In order to cover the costs of investigation and administration a fixed cost of £80 will be charged. We ask that you send a purchase order to cover this cost along with your return request.  Notification of non-acceptance will be sent to the customer within 25 working days.

Burkert return


You can track the progress of your return by selecting ‘information’ instead of ‘return shipment’ at the below stage and then inputting your RMA number.

Burkert calibration


Click here to access the Burkert service portal.

If you need any customer or technical support, we have a dedicated team to answer any questions you may have.

Please call +44 1285 648 720 or drop us an email at


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Quality and Aftersales Policy 2020

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