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Water – a healthy choice

Drinking water analysis with the Online Analysis System Type 8905 - In cooperation with the Association of Local Authorities Grand Poitiers

How you benefit from Bürkert solutions for drinking water analysis:

  • Ata glance: All measurements are displayed on the 7" touchscreen.
  • Easy start-up: Hot-swappable sensors can simply be replaced or added without interrupting operations.
  • Modular design: Display unit and up to six sensor cubes in a single system. Additional sensors can be retrofitted as and when required.
  • Minimum water consumption: Thanks to sensor miniaturisation.

The French Association of Local Municipalities Grand Poitiers chose Bürkert’s Online Analysis System Type 8905 for the permanent analysis of its drinking water. These water analysis systems provide the municipal administration with easy start-up options, reliable measurements and low maintenance costs, as well as the flexibility of an evolving system.

Protecting the drinking water supply

In the department of Vienne, the Association of Local Municipalities Grand Poitiers was looking for a suitable solution to protect its drinking water supply. “Water is the most controlled food resource in France. We have a very strict and highly scrutinised regulatory framework in place for drinking water production and distribution,” says vice-president Laurent Lucaud, who is responsible for drinking water in Grand Poitiers. “We strive to supply everyone with this indispensable element every minute of every day.” This means that the local authority must ensure the quality of the water throughout its journey from the point of extraction to the consumer’s tap. Roughly 25,000 m³ of water are distributed daily to 145,000 local residents through a 1,200 km long network. “We were looking for a solution to protect our plants, since they are sensitive and strategically important sites,” explains Lucaud. “External intervention and contamination must be prevented at all costs. It is also important that, in the event of contamination, we can quickly identify and remedy the problem accordingly.”

A reliable solution

The municipal administration Grand Poitiers picked Bürkert to equip its water supply plants. Seven Online Analysis Systems Type 8905 have been installed in water towers, in particular, since April 2017. “When it came to choosing the equipment, we had to consider various  criteria: reliability of the measurements, maintenance costs and the short response times of the company,” says Céline Lelard, who is responsible for drinking water production in Grand Poitiers.

More flexibility

Water supply plant operators were able to test the systems for up to six months before the end of the mandatory acceptance period. “That played a major role in making the final decision. Even though we were initially a little sceptical, the workforce was happy with the decision from the start,” claim Jean-Michel Lacourcelle and Eric Berland. “These systems guarantee us numerous benefits. This has been shown. And no compromises are made with the controlled parameters either.”

Agence Régionale de Santé, the regional health agency, currently offers recommendations regarding disinfection and the values that need to be observed. “Permanent measurements allow us to monitor the various parameters and thus follow the recommendations. Even though this is not yet mandatory, we are able to check the quality of the water at any time. And that guarantees safety,” says Céline Lelard. Four parameters are checked at present: pH value, temperature, chlorine and conductivity. Further measurement parameters can be added if so desired. This level of flexibility impressed the municipal administration.

“Our industry and activities are constantly evolving,” explains Céline Lelard. “We might be able to record molecules tomorrow that we are still unable to detect today. This would then demand the use of new parameters. For us, it is about having the right tools for detection and this is the case with this modular and flexible system.”

Fast start-up, reduced costs

“Start-up by the technical team was quick and installation and calibration were also simple,” adds Jean-Michel Lacourcelle, the engineer responsible for the external drinking water plants of the Association of Local Municipalities. “The systems were compatible with our equipment. Data transfer runs smoothly and the sensor cubes are exchangeable. That is a real plus for maintenance and helps to lower costs.”

Type 8905

Online Analysis System

Type 8905
  • For analysis applications for drinking water and fresh water in industrial processes
  • Modular sensor and electronic system: - up to 6 measurements in one housing - up to 30 analysis sensor cubes in one büS system
  • Prepared for fielbus connectivity and remote access
  • MEMS technologies allows minimal footprint and minimum sample water demand

Grand Poitiers - Water – a healthy choice

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