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Bürkert dosing technology for commercial vehicle engines

Precise dosing of urea to obtain the statutory exhaust gas limits.

Customized system solutions for commercial vehicle engines

Systems consisting of valve technology and sensors ideally adapted to the application and the requirements of the customer.

Bürkert dosing technology for commercial vehicle engines

SCR technology makes it possible to obtain the ambitious NOx emission limits in the area of commercial vehicle engines. The power and efficiency of vehicles, such as trucks, buses, construction and agricultural machines, can also be optimized, as their diesel engines can be operated at the ideal working points without a negative effect on the environment.

The customized system components from Bürkert, designed for the special operating conditions, allow the reducing agent to be precisely dosed. This makes a significant contribution to the high efficiency of the entire system.

Furthermore, the subsystems from Bürkert are a component of the compressed air control required to inject the reducing agent.


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