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Automation for chemical plants of the future

Integration of control cabinets into modularized and standardized production workflows for the F3 Factory Projekt, a consortium of 25 partners from nine EU countries

Type 8650
AirLINE Ex type 8650 is a modular electrical and pneumatic automation system for use in hazardous areas

Success Story Bayer F3 Project

Within the scope of this project, a consortium of 25 partners has been working on the development of standardized and modularized production systems for the chemical industry. The EU subsidizes the project with 18 million Euros.

The partners of the consortium,  include not only industrial enterprises such as Bayer, BASF and Evonik, but also scientific research institutes such as the Technical University of Dortmund and the RWTH Aachen University.

The goal of the project is to develop faster, more flexible and more efficient production methods for chemical and pharmaceutical products. It was necessary to combine the benefits of flexible yet inefficient batch production with the cost advantages of continuous production. This is achieved by small to mid-sized production systems in standardized container construction. The companies involved develop highly modular “plug and produce”-capable systems in easily transportable containers.

In close cooperation with Bayer Technology Services, Bürkert developed a comprehensive concept for the automation of processes with valve islands and remote I/O systems. Special ATEX control cabinets were designed for the different container modules.

Success Story Bayer F3 Project

Flyer Best Practice - Automation with valve islands and remote I/O systems for chemical plants of the future for the F3 Factory Project.

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Type 8650

AirLINE Ex - electropneumatic automation system for use in hazardous areas

Type 8650
  • For use in hazardous areas (zone 1/21)
  • Developed in cooperation with Siemens
  • Electrical connection via PROFIBUS® DP-is, electrical I/O functions via Siemens SIMATIC ET 200 iSP™ modules
  • NEW REV.2 realizes new integrable functionalities like pressure sensor or pressure switch


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