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Aluminium die-casting

Automated temperature control with our Modular Process Control Platform


Benefits for you

  • Flexible adaptation to customer requirements
  • Ready to install
  • Exactly reproducible cooling profiles
  • Close-to-process placement

In the manufacture of aluminium pressure die-cast parts, the tool temperatures have a significant influence on product quality. And for cost-effective manufacturing, cycle times and reliability are also important factors in addition to quality. Here, automated systems are especially well placed to achieve precise temperature control with short cycle times. This necessitates highly dynamic control systems that can cope quickly and reliably with the heating up and cooling down rates of the thermoregulation process.


The automated system must be capable of controlling the process temperature by means of exactly regulated coolant quantities during cooling with water, air or a mixture of the two. The Modular Process Control Platform in the form of a process temperature control system fulfils these requirements completely, making for a game- changing simplification of cooling processes in die-casting manufacturing.

Aluminium die casting

Air-water cooling for production of aluminium wheel rims

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