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Precise media separation in liquid chromatography

Choosing the right valve is crucial when it comes to liquid chromatography. Discover why our Type 2036 Robolux valves are the right choice.


Your advantages with our multi-way diaphragm valve Type 2036 Robolux

  • Increased production efficiency through accelerated processes thanks to minimum dead space
  • Maximum removal of the chromatography product thanks to safe distribution and removal of the product
  • Significant minimisation of downtime due to easy and quick replacement of the diaphragm
  • Process reliability: costly mixing of media is avoided

Downstream processing in biochemical manufacturing

In the chemical or bioprocess engineering industry, products must be separated from a complex media mixture and freed from impurities. This is an important step in the entire chain of downstream processing to guarantee a product with the required purity.

Chromatography Skid LEWA with Bürkert Valves

The stationary and mobile phase of liquid chromatography

The precise and safe purification of substances using chromatography is an essential step in the manufacture of fine chemicals. For this purpose, a bio-physical principle is applied which takes advantage of the various flow properties and flow velocities of the components. The individual components are separated between a stationary phase (the tubular column in a column) and a mobile phase, which flows through the stationary packing (in this case a liquid).

Upstream processing
Cell harvest and product separation

Operation principle of chromatography

To purify (downstream processing) a liquid from various components, it is fed into a chromatography process. Due to the various velocities at which all liquids are pumped through the plant, the individual components can be separated as a result of the different flow properties and varying interactions between the stationary and the mobile phase of the substances.

Why is chromatography so important?

It can be used to separate complex media mixtures with great precision. Even very complicated molecules such as proteins can, e.g., be gently separated from each other using chromatography. Under no circumstances should contamination or mixing of media occur. Choice of the right valve is a decisive factor here, as it controls and distributes the media into and out of the chromatography column – precisely and efficiently.

Designed for the control of ultra-pure, sterile and aseptic media, the Robolux Multiway Diaphragm Valve Type 2036 offers the ideal solution for chromatography processes.

Type 2036

Robolux multiway multiport diaphragm valve, pneumatically operated

Type 2036
  • Allows optimized processes designs
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Reduced number of valves and welds
  • Stainless steel bodies in different configurations
  • Approvals FDA, CE, USP VI, ATEX/IECEx, 3.1

Your benefits in detail

Diaphragm valves with minimised dead space - save time and money

The smaller the dead space in the valve, the lower the probability of media mixing and the faster the actual process. Compared to conventional solutions, Robolux allows you to save 68 ml of liquid per distributor in each process thanks to an extremely reduced dead space. Discover in our chromatography flyer how you can reduce your operating costs.

Compact design – improved plant efficiency with the same footprint

Due to the compact design of the Robolux, you need less space in the plant. In the event of maintenance or troubleshooting, employees are able to get to the cause of the problem faster. In addition, plant efficiency can be enhanced without having to increase the production area.

Conventional valve distributor = 57.416 cm³

Herkömmlicher Ventilverteiler für die Säulenchromatographie

Conventional valve block solution = 47.430 cm³

Ventilblock für die Säulenchromatographie in blauem Kubus

Robolux valve = 11.880 cm³

Robuluxventillösung in blauem Kubus


Do you want to minimise downtime and increase plant availability?

Read our flyer to discover how you can save time and money on maintenance and replacement of the diaphragm when using Robolux compared to conventional valve solutions. Download the flyer now and benefit from the advantages.


Flyer Chromatography

Media separation with Robolux Multiway Diaphragm Valve Type 2036

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