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Measuring original wort and condensate effectively and efficiently

A familiar taste is one of the most important criteria of your beer brand. To ensure the high level of quality remains the same for every batch, you need to carefully check the original wort content during the brewing process. To work efficiently, you also need to know how much energy you actually need for your brewing process. This is, for example, indicated by the condensate that is produced when the original wort is heated with steam in the brew kettles. Find out how you can measure condensate and original wort with just one device, make your brewing process more efficient and at the same time save valuable time and energy!

Measuring flow rate and original wort concentration for consistently high beer quality

From the brewery to the fermentation cellar – the flow, temperature and concentration of your beer needs to be measured continuously throughout the brewing process to guarantee consistent taste and alcohol content in every batch. Wort is boiled in the wort copper at temperatures of more than 80° Celsius, which denatures and settles the malt enzymes originally contained in the brew. The evaporation of water during boiling concentrates the wort to the original wort specific to each variety. The original wort is determined at the end of the boiling process. A heat exchanger cools the wort to the temperature required for adding yeast and it is then fed into the fermentation tank for fermentation.

Lauter tun
Electromagnetic flow meters (EMF)
Traditionally, the original wort content is measured manually by taking samples, for example with the help of a hydrometer.
Sensors for inline concentration measurement
Sensors for inline concentration measurement are installed in the pipes to control the concentration of the beer.
Coriolis meter
Coriolismeasuring device Coriolis flow meters can measure the volume and concentration of original wort in beer. However, they are expensive as well as unwieldy due to their size and weight. Not every model measures the temperature.
Fermentation tank
Filling line
Wort chiller
Wort copper
Manual measurement
Traditionally, the original wort content is measured manually by taking samples, for example with the help of a hydrometer.

FLOWave Type 8098
Hot area Brewery
Original wort measurement
Measurement of flow and alcohol content
Cold area Fermentation cellar

Reliable system measurement and control 

Your machines should reliably and economically keep brewing processes within the defined optimum efficiency ranges. Bürkert can provide you comprehensive support with development expertise and extensive product portfolio for liquid control, for example the FLOWave Type 8098 flow and concentration meter. The great advantage of this innovative flow meter: It combines two to three conventional sensors into one and measures the flow rate, original wort content, temperature and liquid properties throughout the brewing process. This allows you to reduce overall costs and intelligently automate processes.

Optimize energy consumption through efficient solutions for condensate measurement

The challenge every master brewer faces

The technical equipment in your brewery requires steam or hot water for brewing, pasteurisation, sterilisation, washing and cleaning. The challenge: Excessive energy consumption reduces profits and unnecessarily consumes resources. You can only work efficiently if you know the exact amount of energy for each step in the brewing process. By processing measurement data in a heat quantity calculator, you can receive real-time process data.

Why conventional condensate measurement methods have disadvantages

Conventional solutions consist of two temperature sensors in the supply and return lines, a flowmeter for steam and a heat quantity calculator. However, these components are complicated to install and the high temperatures cause them to wear more quickly.

Steam generator / boiler
Separate heat quantity meter / temperature sensor return travel
Flowmeter / Temperature sensor supply line
Condensate tank
Brew kettle

Flow measurement with SAW technology is the solution

The FLOWave Type 8098 can measure the amount and temperature of condensate. If you optimise energy flow with these measurement results you can increase the efficiency of your plant – and improve your energy balance. The Bürkert FLOWave Type 8098 flow sensor measures not only flow rates but also the temperatures and wort gravity – thereby ensuring the beer keeps flowing with the known quality. Your production benefits: your brewing plants work all the more efficiently after optimisation. Since FLOWave measures liquids conductivity independently, you can also easily determine the amount of heat in condensate. This gives you a decisive advantage: with the Bürkert system solution you can identify and optimise the energy consumption of individual consumers in the production process.


Find out the advantages of non-contact flow measurement in this webinar recording

Digital spindling? Measuring original gravity with the FLOWave non-contact flowmeter:

Speakers: Felix Becker, Hendrik Faustmann

8 reasons why your brewing plant works more efficiently with FLOWave

Measure original wort continuously to save time and money

Conventional flow rate sensors are unable to measure original wort concentration. As such, master brewers have to collect samples manually, cool the samples and use a hydrometer to measure the wort – twice per batch on average. With FLOWave, you can automatically measure the flow rate and original wort concentration as the beer flows, thereby easily enhancing the efficiency of your brewing plant.

                   System with manual measuring method                                          System with continuous automated measurement

10 minutes
for sampling, cooling, measuring and documenting
180 minutes
Time saved each working week with 9 brews per week

Condensate: Discover your savings potential!

Conventional solutions are often complicated to install and entail very high purchasing costs. Instead of having a flow sensor, a heat quantity calculator and two temperature sensors, you can simply install FLOWave.

Schematische Darstellung Würzepfanne mit Peripherie Durchflusssensor, Wärmemengenrechner und zwei Temperatursensoren; Piktogramm FLOWave Typ 8098, Symbol Kreis aus vier gebogenen Pfeilen, Symbol Sparschwein, Betrag in Ziffern 1200 Euro


Installed on the condensate line, this compact solution alongside a temperature sensor in the steam line reliably detects your energy quantities – as well as potential impurities caused by possible cracks in the heat exchanger. In addition to energy efficiency, we do everything to ensure that your plant enjoys a long service life.


Videos on operation and more

Installation and operation made easy: Here you will find a large selection of videos on the FLOWave Type 8098.

Inline flow and concentration measurement for soft drink productionInline flow and concentration measurement for soft drink production

Beverage mixing systems, for example for soft drink production, need to be able to guarantee the perfect balance between output, safety and taste. Impurities also need to be ruled out completely. To monitor and control this consistent mixture, your plants need components and systems that can continuously and accurately monitor liquids under hygienic conditions. This is the only way to ensure consistently high product quality from your systems, save overall costs and utilise the potential for automating manual processes.

Type 8098

FLOWave SAW flowmeter

Type 8098
  • No obstacles inside the measuring tube, compact, lightweight and low energy consumption
  • Conforms to hygienic requirements, CIP/SIP compatible
  • Ideal for liquids with low or no conductivity
  • Digital communication, parameterisation via Communicator, display and Wi-Fi
  • Optional: ATEX certification, II 3G/D


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