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Gas control in laboratory analysis devices: Precise and space saving

Your analysis devices should provide reliable measurement results and be adapted to the applications of your customers. Are you already familiar with Bürkert systems for space-saving gas dosing that save both time and money?

Your advantages

  • Precise and repeatable gas control
  • For measuring principles in instrumental analytics
  • Pre-configured or highly specific gas control systems
  • Documentable thanks to automation

In instrumental analytics, researchers use laboratory analysis devices to measure, analyse and verify substances. The gases used for measurements here are argon, helium, carbon dioxide, air, nitrogen, oxygen, methane, acetylene and hydrogen.

The measuring principles include for instance:

  • Spectroscopy, divided into:
    • atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS)
    • atomic emission spectroscopy (AES)
    • mass spectroscopy (MS).
  • Gas chromatography (GC)

The following applies irrespective of the measuring principle: Precise and repeatable control of the gases used is essential for exact measurement results.

How can you manufacture gas control units in a more compact and time-saving manner? Discover the competitive advantages of our gas control systems.

One gas control system instead of individual parts

Traditionally, you, as a manufacturer of analysis devices, purchase individual parts for gas control solutions, which then have to be painstakingly configured and installed. Bürkert gas control systems help you reduce construction time, logistics and service.

Component 1
Component 2
Component 3
Component 4
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Costly procurement of gas control components
Manufacturers of analysis devices usually purchase special, individual gas control components. Associated with this is the expenditure for procuring and testing the parts, for the engineering and the design of the gas control system.

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Win-win situation thanks to gas control systems
With customer-specific assemblies for gas dosing, you save space in the device and manufacturing costs during assembly – thanks to shorter construction times, less logistics and service.

Three key challenges for the manufacturers of analysis devices

  1. Stable measured values
    Analysis devices must provide stable measurement results with high repetition accuracy.
  2. High price pressure
    Short life cycles and high price pressure characterise the market. In order to compete in terms of price, analysis devices often offer functionalities limited to the actual fields of application. A large control range helps with standardisation.
  3. Specific requirements
    In addition to standardised devices, there is a great demand for customer-specific solutions that guarantee the precise control and regulation of gases. Designing the ideal gas control system entails a lot of work for you as a device manufacturer.

This is how we support you to overcome your challenges

✓ Stable measured values
Bürkert gas control systems are designed for consistent and reliable analysis processes – with a low number of sealing points, short flow channels, etc. The automated systems simplify your documentation.
✓ Economic gas control
Pre-configured Bürkert gas control systems are the solution for all analysis devices that do not require highly specific integration. They are compact, modular and easy to implement. This makes them ideally suited for the fast and cost-effective analysis of special applications.
✓ Customer-specific requirements
We supply highly integrated gas control systems to suit your functional and fluidic requirements.  Each of these unique systems has a compact design with a few sealing points and requires minimum expenditure for hosing or piping.


Pre-configured or highly integrated – which type of gas control system offers the greatest added value for your laboratory analysis devices? Discover more about both gas control variants:

The pre-configured gas dosing system at a glance

Do you need a gas control system that is reliable and economical? The Multi-MFC system Type 8735 is suitable as a gas control system for a variety of analysis devices since it is semi-standardised, modular and economical.

Multi-MFC system Type 8735: Multi-channel system solution consisting of various assemblies

Mass Flow Meter (MFM) / Mass Flow Controller (MFC)
Base block
Electronics assembly with PI controller and communication interface
Direct-acting proportional valve Type 2871
Additional modules

The highly integrated gas dosing system at a glance

Do your analysis devices require highly specific integration? Bürkert produces individual high-end gas control systems for your functional and fluidic requirements. The design is customer-specific down to the very last detail, from the arrangement in the analysis device to the electrical engineering and firmware.

Customer-specific gas control systems

✓ For the qualitative and quantitative analysis of liquids, solids and gases
✓ For the environment, food, pharmaceuticals, medicine and agriculture
✓ Compact design
✓ Minimum number of seals
✓ Minimum expenditure for hosing / piping

Example presentation:
Each system for highly integrated gas dosing is unique.

Manual pressure controller
Gas connections on the input side
Fluidics (flow channels)
Electronics assembly
Proportional valves
Shut-off valves

Added values of Bürkert gas control systems

The win-win effect of your gas control system

Whether you pick a pre-configured gas control system Type 8735 or a highly integrated system: Bürkert meets the needs of all customer groups.

Compared to a solution consisting of individual components, the decision in favour of a gas control system is definitely worthwhile:

  • The expenditure for management, logistics and storage is reduced
  • You save costs on engineering, installing and testing the gas control system
  • You offer customers sustainable solutions tailored to their applications
  • You save time, thereby allowing you to focus on your core business priorities

Where do you save compared to a component solution?

Component solution
Standardised Bürkert platform Type 8735
Highly integrated Bürkert solution
  1. Minimum expenditure for procurement processes
  2. Minimum expenditure for management and logistics
  3. Low initial costs for provision of the product being supplied
  4. Low procurement costs
  5. Minimum expenditure for assembly
  6. Minimum expenditure for testing
  7. Minimum space required in the device
  8. Greater competitive advantage
  9. Implementation of your own concepts
  10. Reduced number of additionally required components
  11. Reduced number of interfaces, electrical and mechanical
  12. Easy replacement of components

When will you make gas control simpler? We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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