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FLOWave: Measuring flows and proteins in dairies

Flowmeter FLOWave measures and controls the volume flow and the protein content continuously to ensure your plant operates most reliably.

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  • FLOWave und Anwendungsbeispiele
  • FLOWave mit Blick in das Rohr und Darstellung des Messprinzips
  • FLOWave mit Zeichnung Kartonabfüllung
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Is your protein content correct?

In the dairy, you convert milk and whey into powder. The separation affects the protein content in your milk and whey powder. If there is insufficient protein, you need to continue separating. If the concentration of proteins is too high, your system may become clogged.

Eliminate this risk: FLOWave from Bürkert not only measures the flow – it also ensures the correct protein content. For you, this means: No defective batches and no clogged plant.

In addition, FLOWave ensures 100% hygiene when measuring. The next paragraph explains how this is done.

Protein content
If the protein content is too low, the flow rate volume through the evaporator must be reduced. If the protein content is too high, the flow must be increased.
Flow rate volume
If the flow rate volume deviates from the target value, the pump control must be adapted.

FLOWave: Challange

100 % hygienic flow measurement

Dairy products are food products. Their production is subject to strict hygiene standards. FLOWave therefore measures the flow under completely hygienic conditions. Fancy a taste of what we can do? Take a closer look at its measuring principle in the next section.

FLOWave with Shield Icon

Measuring with SAW technology

What does this entail? The FLOWave measuring principle is based on SAW technology and works without sensor elements in the measuring tube. SAWs are “Surface Acoustic Waves”. These waves occur in nature, e.g. as a result of seismic activities. We utilise their effect for inline flow measurement.

FLOWave cross section showing SAW principle

Strengths of the SAW techonolgy:

✓ No deposits
✓ No material incompatibility
✓ No pressure drop
✓ Easy cleaning


Advantages: 6 x added value for you

With FLOWave, your system works extremely reliably. In addition to the flow, the sensor measures: temperature, density factor, acoustic transmission factor. Since FLOWave measures more than just the flow, it ensures the correct protein content for your products. Discover more about six key advantages for the dairy industry:

Acoustic transmission factor: To ensure your plant does not become clogge

If the protein content is too high, your system may become clogged. FLOWave prevents this effectively. Since in addition to the flow, it also measures the acoustic transmission factor. Thus making the different flow characteristics of milk and whey transparent. The more solids in the liquid, the more viscous the flow. FLOWave reports such deviations and prevents related plant downtime.

Plant with FLOWave and a thumbs up icon

The acoustic transmission factor is good for your plant

To ensure everything flows properly, FLOWave continuously measures the acoustic transmission factor. This measured variable indicates the attenuation of the surface acoustic waves propagating in the sensor tube. This is similar to a turbidity measurement. The factor is mainly influenced by bubbles and solids in the liquid.

FLOWave measuring protein content of milk

Pure water has a density factor of 1,000 and an acoustic transmission factor of 100%. In milk or whey, the density factor increases with a higher protein content. At the same time, the acoustic transmission factor decreases as more protein increases the attenuation of the surface acoustic waves.

Eliminate risks, enhance reliability

Process scheme Dairy

There are two reasons why your plant may become clogged: Excessive protein content and excessive viscosity of the liquid. The result: The plant shuts down and must be cleaned.

Process scheme Dairy with FLOWave

FLOWave already pays for itself if you avoid having a 1,000 kg batch of unsellable protein powder or at the latest after five prevented plant downtimes.

FLOWave with piggy bank

Do you want to measure and control the volume flow and protein content continuously? In our flyer, you can find out how this should also be easily possible for your plant.

Flyer Smooth flow measurement to ensure the correct protein content

Learn how the flowmeter FLOWave Type 8098 is able to measure the protein content.

1.98 MB

Type 8098

FLOWave SAW flowmeter

Type 8098
  • No obstacles inside the measuring tube, compact, lightweight and low energy consumption
  • Conforms to hygienic requirements, CIP/SIP compatible
  • Ideal for liquids with low or no conductivity
  • Digital communication, parameterisation via Communicator, display and Wi-Fi
  • Optional: ATEX certification, II 3G/D

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