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Blending water - systematically

For constant process water quality

Your benefit

  • Reliable quality thanks to a broad basis of application know-how
  • Consulting, development, manufacturing and service from a single supplier
  • Less outlay in terms of time and costs
  • Better process reliability thanks to full compatibility across all components

When it comes to blending water and maintaining a specific degree of water quality, success depends on exact measurement and dosing of the process water and make-up water. To ensure that you always get the water quality that your application needs, we also mix our skills and our knowledge together. For intelligent water blending, we offer full compatibility across all components as well as tailor-made solutions.

Your challenges, our solutions

Air-conditioning technology
Air-conditioning technology

To prevent corrosion and deposition in humidity and air-conditioning plant, the quality of the make-up water must often be adjusted by means of blending raw and pure water. Where liability claims are involved, a major factor concerns the question as to whether prescribed limit values have been adhered to. In order to ensure the economical viability of water treatment, an operating point is computed which determines where the least possible amount of treated water is required. To this end, the treated water is blended with untreated water in a certain proportion to produce make-up water.

Cooling tower make-up water
Cooling tower make-up water

In cooling towers, too, it is necessary to supplement process water with make-up water to prevent corrosion and deposition on account of substances concentrating in the water. The limit values for the process water are specified by the plant manufacturer, and maintained by the addition of make-up water. To this end, treated water is blended with untreated water in a certain proportion to produce cooling tower make-up water.

Brewing water

Brewing water

The quality of a type of beer depends on the quality of the brewing water, because it has a significant effect on the taste of the beer. In order to maintain a constant high quality, the raw water often has to be almost completely desalinated by means of a membrane plant first, and then blended to produce the desired quality. Therefore practically all membrane plants for brewing water treatment contain a blending unit to ensure exact blending parameters and uniform water quality.


Poor raw water quality for irrigation can lead to over-salinisation of the soil or a shift in the soil structure. This has a negative effect on the quantity and quality of the yield. In view of this, water for irrigation is produced by adding substances required for growth to completely desalinated water. In this process, the blending unit can lower the cost of additional chemicals through exact dosage. Especially where large quantities of irrigation water are involved, blending the water can make sound economic sense.

Drinking water
Drinking water

Drinking water supplies are subject to extremely high quality requirements. In this respect, long-term maintenance of health requirements and the prevention of damage due to corrosion and deposition, for instance, both play very important roles. Following treatment of the water through deionizing or reverse osmosis, the water has to be blended in order to comply with the locally specified limit values. Corrosion and deposition can be avoided through optimal balancing of the calcium / carbonic acid proportions, for instance.

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For constant process water quality

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