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Decentralised automation

Do you want to control your plant in a decentralised manner while achieving high product quality and productivity? Discover how Bürkert solutions can help you achieve this.



Your advantages

  • Reliable, clear process monitoring
  • Fast, cost-saving cleaning
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Fast start-up and minimised downtime
  • Easy maintenance (predictive maintenance)
Dreidimensionale grafische Darstellung einer Anlage mit zwei Behältern, Rohren und zwei Ventilfeldern

Control your plant in a decentralised manner – for greater productivity

Whether you produce pharmaceutical substances or food and beverages: To ensure all end products have the same high quality, your plant must guarantee correct control of all media at process level. Fast switching, intelligent process valves ensure the product quality and productivity of your plant.


Your challenges

Decentralised automation combines the intelligent exchange of information with increased reliability and simple troubleshooting – thereby ensuring your plant runs reliably 24/7.

When is decentralised automation an option for you?

  • You need a clear and flexible pneumatic control unit.
  • You attach great importance to transparent processes and rapid start-up.
  • In a sophisticated plant you need information on the spot.
  • You produce pharmaceutical products or food and beverages.

Greater productivity thanks to intelligent control heads from Bürkert

Decentralised automation with Bürkert means: Locally controlled process valves ensure your plant functions efficiently. The intelligence is embedded in the control heads – a concept with many advantages:

  • Fast switching valve systems – for rapid start-up and expansion
  • Digital communication standards – for reliable operation and predictive maintenance
Industrial Ethernet
Fieldbus / Actuator-sensor communication

Control head Type 8681: Universally applicable for fast and simple automation of process valves from various manufacturers.


Decentralised control: This is how you can increase the productivity of your plant with Bürkert solutions

Built for your reliability

Your plant should run reliably and efficiently 24/7. This is ensured by Bürkert solutions with excellently designed details and safety functions.


Clever valves

Intelligent process valves minimise your risk of failure and ensure predictable maintenance. Decentralised automation technology uses a unique principle for this purpose: Control heads in the process valves communicate digitally with your control level and signal the actual status locally.

Protection through overpressure
Hygienic design
Pilot valve
Integrated pilot air duct
Corrosion-resistant materials
LED status display
Contactless and continuous position detection
Digital communication interface
Filter element compressed air supply

Clear overview thanks to diagnostic functions

The intelligent diagnostic function ensures you always know the status of your plant and can react quickly to any errors that may occur.

Grafische Darstellung eines Ausschnitts aus einer Anlage mit Prozessventilen, Steuerköpfen, Bussystem und Monitor mit der Darstellung verschiedener Interface-Fenster

Saving costs with decentralised automation

To switch a pneumatic process valve, both the actuator volume and the pneumatic air hose must be pressurised. This volume of air does not in any way help the actuator – it is therefore completely wasted. Thanks to decentral automated process valves, the volume of air is no longer even necessary: The pilot valve is located directly on the actuator of the process valve.


Example calculation: A plant with 2000 pneumatically actuated process valves and an average of 20 switching cycles per day.

Grafische Darstellung Vergleich Anlage mit Pilot- und Prozssventilen und langen Schlauchverbindungen gegenüber dezentral automatisierter Anlage mit intelligenten Prozessventilen

Decentralised automation eliminates the route from the pilot valve to the process valve. In our example, 40,000 metres of hose lines are no longer necessary.

Grafische Darstellung von defekter Schlauchleitung mit Angabe 1000 m und 5 Liter Luftverlust pro Minute und der Einsparmöglichkeit ohne Schlauchleitung

Less cables and hoses drastically reduce your risk of leakages. In the example, you save €10,512 a year in energy costs – and a significant amount of maintenance effort.

Grafische Darstellung von intelligenten Prozessventilen und der Ersparnismöglichkeit von Druckluft in Zahlen; Symbol Sparschwein

How much compressed air volume would you save a year with 500 decentral automated process valves boasting 0.5 litres of actuator volume? With an average of ten switching operations an hour in two-shift operation, there is a savings potential of 1.75 million litres of compressed air.

Do you want to know how much untapped savings potential lies in your plant? Contact us – together we will find out.

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Decentral plant control for high-level quality and productivity

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Decentralised automation put to the test

Many Bürkert customers already rely on individually controlled process valves with intelligent control heads. The following user reports provide suggestions on how you can become more productive with decentralised automation.

Duits & Lauret

Duits & Lauret is a Dutch craft beer brewery based near Utrecht.
Find out how Bürkert's experience in automation contributes to the brewery’s product quality and productivity.

Novo Nordisk

Foto Detail einer Anlage mit Ventilen und Rohren, Ventile mit leuchtenden LED-Statusanzeigen

Producing more insulin ampoules in a user-friendly way
In a new production line for insulin ampoules, the pharmaceutical group opted in favour of the fluid specialist Bürkert. The technical solution has helped Novo make processes more user friendly and increase output. Find out how you can do this, too.

Unither Pharmaceuticals

Foto des Gebäudes von Unither Pharmaceuticals

Safe and reliable automation
The pharmaceutical manufacturer now enjoys fully automatic production at its facility in Gannat, France. Modular ELEMENT diaphragm valves from Bürkert guarantee safety and reliability with integrated diagnostic functions. Discover more about the advantages of the ELEMENT series.

Fromagerie Bel

Foto Siloanlage von Fromagerie Bel

Hygienic cheese production
The control heads Type 8681 meet the strict hygienic requirements of cheese production particularly well – they have a hygienic design, are resistant to aggressive cleaning agents and comply with protection class IP65/67. You could also automate your plant in this manner.


Foto des Gebäudekomplexes des Unternehmens Teisseire

Smart valve control for syrups
Teisseire relies on innovative process technology – and the control head Type 8681 plays a key role in controlling the process valves. Intelligent fieldbus technology ensures fast processes and reliability. Find out how.

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