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Media control in electrical impedance counting

For enhanced reliability

Your benefits

  • Compact system solution enables various functions tob e combined into a single component
  • Chemical resistance and maximum quality for low maintenance intervals
  • High leak-tightness for maximum efficiency in regulating the medium

Electrical impedance measurement is an established method for detecting the number of blood cells in a sample. The reliability of the measurement results is greatly dependent on the media control system, which is responsible for regulating the supply and discharge of the electrolyte solution or sample. For this purpose, valves and pumps that work quickly and precisely are used.

Requirements to impedance counting

Impedance measurement enables the precise number and size of blood cells to be determined in a short time, which provides an indication of the patient’s state of health. This is exactly the reason why reliable measurement is so important.

Peace of mind in achieving precise results – Procedure

The electrolyte solution is pumped via a valve into the impedance measurement device, into which the blood sample is introduced. Both are then passed through a cavity, small enough to permit only one cell to pass through at a time. Using an electrical field and based on the resistance between the two measuring electrodes, the blood cells can be counted and typified, enabling not only the number of the cells but also their size to be determined. We are pleased to support you with our extensive application expertise when implementing a suitable system.

Electrical Impedance Counting

Products and Systems for your application

Type 6724

2/2 or 3/2-way Whisper Valve with media separation

Type 6724
  • Highest chemical resistance
  • Compact design with 8.9 mm installation width
  • DN 0.8 mm (vacuum up to 5 bar) and 1.2 mm (vacuum up to 3 bar)
  • Very fast, almost silent switching with < 20 dB (A) and very low power consumption
  • High back-pressure tightness, excellent cleanability and 100% duty cycle

Type 6624

2/2 and 3/2 way Bürkert TwinPower rocker solenoid valve with separating diaphragm

Type 6624
  • For highest chemical resistance requirements
  • Ultra compact design due to Bürkert Twinpower actuator with 10.3 mm width
  • DN 0.8 (5 bar) and DN 1.6 (2 bar)
  • Integrated hit and hold electronic
  • High back pressure tightness with excellent cleanability

Type 0127

Direct-acting 2/2 or 3/2 way Rocker-Solenoid Valve with separating diaphragm

Type 0127
  • For maximum chemical resistance requirements
  • Compact design with 16 mm width and Cv ratings up to 0.058
  • Proven reliability since 1993
  • Flexible design for custom manifold assemblies
  • High back pressure tightness, excellent cleanability and 100 % duty cycle

Type 6626

2/2-way and 3/2-way Bürkert TwinPower rocker solenoid valve with separating diaphragm

Type 6626
  • For highest chemical resistance requirements
  • Ultra compact design due to Bürkert TwinPower actuator with 16 mm width/station
  • DN 2.0 (3 bar) and DN 3.0 (2 bar)
  • Integrated hit-and-hold electronics assembly
  • High back-pressure tightness with excellent cleanability

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